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Schism If one was taken to the structure of a guardian in India and asked to guess what the structure was, it would be very difficult for him to take cognizance of the fact that the structure was a place of worship. Because you see, there is no one selling garlands or candles or cheddar outside a guardian. And, following suit, there is no beggar asking for alms. As evident as it can get, Sikhs do not make money from religion. They follow a code of conduct when practicing Schism, which treads a thin line between inclusion and exclusion.

Unlike Paris agrarian where only Paris are allowed, everyone s allowed in a Sikh guardian, provided you cover your head. They’ll correct you innumerable times if they have to, to get you to cover your head. Unlike Paris which do not welcome or encourage people to convert to their religion, Schism is flexible about conversions, but one has to get baptized and get sworn in to follow the religion. The Sikhs do not practice idol worship or pray to any ‘superficial powers’. There is a legend that preaches this- Once Guru Nanas was in Hardware, a Hindu center of pilgrimage on the banks of the holy Gang.

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Here the Guru found a large adhering of devotees bathing in the river and offering water to the sun. “Why do you throw water to the sun in this way? ‘ Guru J asked the pilgrims. “It is an offering to the Sun God” they replied. Guru Nanas heard this and turned the opposite way and started throwing water to the west. “What are you doing? ” asked a fellow pilgrim. “The Sun is to the east, not to the west” “l am not offering water to the Sun, I am trying to water my fields in a village near Lahore” said the Guru. The people mocked “How can your water reach your crops so far? If your water can reach the Sun, why can’t mine reach my fields a short distance from here? ” asked Guru Nanas. Thus in the gradual no bell chimes nor do they have a priest to recite the prayers. This is because the founder of the religion – Guru Nanas deep wanted no caste hierarchy in the religion. All Sikhs are equals, all of them study the Guru Grant Sahib’s and any of them can recite the prayers. They work together as a community, and in the gradual they serve free food for everyone in the Lang. In the Lang all people sit on the floor together, as equals, to eat the same simple food.

It is here that all people high or low, rich or poor, male or female sit in the same Pangaea (literally “row” or “line”) to share and enjoy the food together. It is designed to uphold the principle of equality between all people of the world regardless of religion, caste, color, creed, age, gender or social status. Schism calls for denouncing material obsession, thus people visiting the coastguards will be simply clad with their heads covered. Men wear karts, and the women wear salary-kamikaze generally. The Sikhs don the 5 ‘KS – the ekes, the Korean, the Kananga, the cracker, the Kodak.

Ekes means hair, which a Sikh is not allowed to cut throughout his lifetime. It is a work of nature and a Sikh is not allowed to work against it. The Ekes is covered with a By collateralizing turban or Chin to keep it clean and manageable. The Korean is used to break violence and not perpetuate it. The Kananga, a comb slotted into the turban, is used comb the hair for removing dead cells and is synonymous to removing impure thoughts from the mind. The Kodak is a ‘censor’ of sorts. It is a steel band worn in the hand and is meant to remind the Sikhs to uphold the virtues of the Guru Grant

Sahib’s in any work they do. The cracker is a undergarment, worn by men to control their lust. When a Sikh is born the Guru Grant Sahib’s is opened randomly, and the child is named after first letter on the top of the left page. The child is baptized in a ceremony marital after which the boy is called a Sings and the girl a Gaur. A Sikh is supposed to spend 2-3 hours of the day praying and give about 10% of his income to charity. Marriages take place in the guardian, the married couple takes four rounds about the holy book. History and popular culture portray Sikhs to be nonviolent, hospitable and courageous.

This is evident in their practices- they’re always inviting you to have food in the Lang, they respect and invest a lot in friendship and investing in human bonds. It is in helping Hindu Brahmins from Kashmir that Guru Tech Sings lost his life and Guru Cubing thus was obliged to become the guru at such a young age. The killing of Tech Sings thus goes- Kashmir was terrorized by attacks by mogul rulers from Iran, Iraq traveling to India. These rulers plundered the wealth, and abused women and children. They forced Kashmir pundit to convert to Islam. Kashmir was gripped in fear.

The Kashmir Pundits came to guru Tech Sings for help, only he could come with the most suitable solution. On listening to their stories, Tech Sings concluded that the only way to end this slaughter is to appease mother Earth by making a noble sacrifice and by challenging the moguls. Guru Goblin Sings, only nine years at the time suggested that since no one was as noble as Tech Sings, Tech Sings himself should make a sacrifice. Thus Tech Sings challenged Rearrange that Kashmir Brahmins would gladly accept and embrace Islam if Guru Tech Sings could be convinced to do so too.

Rearrange employed many means to get Tech Sings to convert to Islam- but Tech Sings was adamant. In the end, Tech Sings was killed in an endeavor to help Hindus. And Guru Giving Sings took over as the last guru of the Sikhs. Guru Goblin thus, declared that he would create such a community which would challenge the tyrant rulers in every walk of life to restore Justice, equality and peace for all of mankind. Guru Goblin Sings molded the Sikh religion into its present shape, with the formation of the Salsa fraternity and completion of the Guru Grant Sahib’s .

Sikh Diaspora today is spread all over the world with 75% Sikhs living in Punjab, India. The rest live within small pockets in India, Canada, East Africa, West Africa, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, the United Kingdom as well as United States and Australia. With time and technology, Sikhs face challenges to uphold the practices of the religion as the rules of the nation and the religion of the majority tends to grow on their religion. Sikhs thus have to endeavor and strike a balance between their religious practices and the laws of the State where they reside.

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