Sexuality and Advertising Assignment

Sexuality and Advertising Assignment Words: 450

He also points out that by using a face cream, one will become “young and juicy”, which can be a false advertisement. The woman selling the product already has a naturally beautiful skin. The main point of this would be that even the littlest things in an advertisement can turn into sex. Berger does not go into much dept but puts enough to understand what he is the point in his passage. He states that this topic is on the rise, especially in the United States. The picture on page 398 is a great example of sex and advertising. The woman obviously has a model figure body and the man is good looking myself.

The sexual part of the picture would be her back side as the man puts the pack of gum in her back pocket. Not to add that both of them have their arms around each others waste. To go even more in detail, the couple are touching their bodies against another. Also, even the logo can be mistaken as sexual, “Everyone wants a piece”. It should specify what type of piece. Everything is very sexual, even with the younger crowds, that it can be easily misinformed. Berger uses plenty of quotes and examples. Also he has a great example of a sexual picture with a sexual logo.

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This ad is not only for he adult age but any age. Tons of people chew gum these days. A well research article includes examples, others opinions and thought, and facts. This article includes all of these. The examples were an excellent source. Not only because it proves a point but also states the obvious. Berger put in his article on Jack Salmon’s book, The Signs of Our Time. This is saying why agencies do use sex to sell their products and how it comes down to desperate matters in making money. Most of these companies will go as far as putting their job on the line when creating an advertisement.

Basically this all comes down to money. Berger has also put other writers opinion of this topic. To close out, Burger’s article “Sexuality and Advertising” has many facts and statements about sex and the way producers use them. Berger puts great thought and effort into his work. He uses words that anyone can understand and get a field of what is going on. He states a point, uses a picture for an example, and is well researched. This is just his opinion on this story and it can be argued for a life time. But in the end, this is what the world has come down to.

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