Sex Education Assignment

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According to a service from Hong Kong Association of Sexuality Educators, Researchers & Therapists Ltd, there are only 44% educators believe that sex education Is enough in Hong Kong. Sex education Is an Important process for children and teenagers to understand more about human sexual organs, reproductive, behavioral, and other aspects of sexology. Include pregnancy, childbirth, the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases and birth control.

Sex education has becoming a debatable issue in Hong Kong. There is a necessity to Increase sex education In Hong Kong. The first point Is, the Guidelines of Sex Education In Schools Is not update. For example, according to a document from Hong Kong Federation of Education Workers (2001 “In this guideline Is seldom talking about Sexual orientation, especially homosexual” (p. 3).

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Therefore, now schools are still follow this guideline of sex education, the content on sex education are not comprehensive and enough, to understand sex and themselves. Hong Kong Sex Education Chairman Anthony Nightingale youth sexuality and sexual abuse occurred at a younger age trend, but noncreative sex education in schools in Hong Kong, the authorities of the Guidelines issued to schools 10 years, there Is a need for a comprehensive review and Improvement.

For example some sexually Issues In those years, such as gender equality and contraceptive knowledge. The next point is, Sexual attitudes of teenager become more open. From a result of a service by AIDS Concern (201 1), the average age of first sexual Intercourse In Hong Kong is 15 years old and 51. 2% of them without using condoms. This phenomenon needs the concern of society and schools and lack of sex education In schools may be n important reason of this phenomenon.

Teenagers need to learn about the possible consequences if they have physical Intimacy with opposite sex, and from those consequences, they will understand inappropriate sexual behavior may lead to unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases, as well as the impact of these behavior on family and their personal life. And they need to avoid such those behavior and also can reduce their curiosity on sex. This is precisely what they should learn In school. So we can see that, sex education need to increase In school in Hong Kong.

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