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The Brisbane Conventions and Exhibitions Centre (BCC) Is a venue that provides faceless for holding events. It Is managed through the International venue management corporation AGE Ogden, and Is owned by the state government of Queensland through the South Bank Corporation. Until very recently, BCC was the only centre in Brisbane for holding large-scale events and exhibitions. Large corporate clients such as the Brisbane Boat Show were annual repeat customers that have changed venues due to competitors such as the Royal International Conventions Centre and City Hall opening this year.

In terms of service classification, the client Is provided with tangible products such as the room or food, as well as Intangible service offerings such as the event or the experience In Itself. If we look at this service from other classification framework perspectives, we can deduce that this Is a very high contact, highly customizable offering, where one person may pay/hole the service Itself, but the recipients will usually be large groups of people making it a people processing business . 2.

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Service Marketing Mix (1600) 2. 1 Service Product and Positioning BCC provides a wide range of services, but its core offerings are food and beverage packages that are paired with room rentals. As supplementary support services, it also provides parking, audio-visual and information technology services. According to a Interview with the Food and Beverage Floor Manager at BCC, Mr. Ryan Western, BCC positions Itself as a very market events venue, although It does hold very low key functions such as the truck show.

The target market that it caters most to are large corporate events and functions, such as the 620 summit, Santos, ROI Tint, and have the highest profit margins. These clients are usually repeat customers since they usually make agreements to book their annual events for several years in a row. On the other hand, BCC has a social responsibility philosophy written into its corporate values, and therefore makes deals with and provides sponsorships to charity events and school formals.

Even though the service product is an extremely costly one that some of these sponsored organizations could not afford, Western explains that BCC has a menu compendium that features full 3 course meals with wines and a fine doling experience, as well as cheaper food options with soft drinks cakes for smaller organizations. Larger events mid-small events Analyses the current service products offered by the organization relative to its target market(s) and positioning.

If necessary, provide recommendations for changes, improvements or new additions to the product offering and/or positioning strategy of the organization. Justify your reasons for these recommendations using services marketing theory. 2. 2 Pricing, Productive Capacity and Demand According to the floor manager at BCC, the organization does not set prices according to demand/season/capacity. They apply a very rigid pricing strategy that upends solely on the type of room/package the client is looking for.

Since they are they only venue in Brisbane that could do large functions efficiently, their prices are very fixed as are the overhead costs for holding any event. As mentioned above, they may provide sales deals for long standing clients, but other than that, the pricing strategies remain fixed. When asked if BCC should adopt a more competitive pricing strategy due to the new players in the market, Western feels that since BCC has decades of experience in this industry, and that they are the only venue that can offer large functions, there is no need to change the pricing strategies.

Recommendation : sliding scale on F&B since room costs are fixed, room sale rev deck f&B rev Inc since f&b margins are much larger 2000% on large functions Analyses the pricing strategies of the service organization (or modes of funding in the case of not-for-profit organizations) and determine if price is used to manage capacity and demand. If necessary, provide recommendations to improve or enhance the pricing strategy relative to (1) service product offerings and (2) capacity and demand. Justify your reasons for these recommendations using services marketing hurry. 2. Physical and Electronic Distribution Service delivery at BCC differs depending on what the client requires. If the client requires Just a room to hold an exhibition, service delivery is very short and the channels are very direct since only a room handover is required. However if the client requires a more complex service product, the delivery process may include staff providing several meal courses at the table. The product distribution strategy already in place requires the kitchen to prepare the meals as per the event order (which the events department provides after discussion with the client).

These meals are then levered to the event via wait staff who may also provide beverage service. In place. If necessary, provide recommendations for changes, improvements or new additions to the distribution strategy. Justify your reasons for these recommendations using services marketing theory. Recommend: client management, liaison, professionalism 2. 4 Integrated Service Marketing Communication The marketing and communication department at BCC does not directly target consumers since very little advertising is done by BCC.

The main responsibilities of this department are internal marketing and training, so that all staff knows about the rand and its promises. The marketing department takes care of any promotions, publications and brochures concerning BCC. Recommendation: social media, twitter/Feb. (but does this apply to the intended target consumers) Analyses how the marketing communications mix is being used to address the organization’s key stakeholders, particularly customers.

If necessary, provide recommendations for changes, improvements or new additions to the use of the communications mix. Justify your reasons for these recommendations using services 2. 5 Service Process As mentioned before, the service process varies extensively depending on the implement of the service required by the client. We can get some idea of the communication and complexity of the service process involved by looking at the 35 separate departments (Fig. 1) within the company that work together within the service process.

Analyses the process or production steps that occur in order to create and deliver the service experience. Create a blueprint of this process. If necessary, provide recommendations to improve or enhance the service delivery process. Justify your reasons for these recommendations using services marketing theory. 2. Managing People Analyses the human resource management strategies of the service organization to determine whether the organization is operating in a cycle of success, mediocrity or failure.

Highlight the impact of this cycle for frontline service employees. If necessary, provide recommendations for improving or enhancing the organization’s human resource management practices. Justify your reasons for these recommendations using services marketing theory. 2. 7 Serviceable and Physical Evidence Analyses the serviceable of the organization, with particular reference to how commendations for improving or enhancing the organization’s serviceable and physical evidence.

Justify your reasons for these recommendations using services 3. Priority Recommendations (appear. 300 words) Select three priority recommendations from Section 2 that you think the organization should address in the short-term. Provide more in-depth tactics for how these improvements or enhancements should be implemented and discuss how you will measure the effectiveness of these changes. 4. References (not included in word limit) 5. Appendix (if required; not included in word limit)

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