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Octopus providing services nor even on customer, but diverse xx. The octopus even took parts In charity fund, helping minority children and elderly. No wonder, It called Itself an “octopus”. Thou, octopus do care Its customer, from real life to virtual. On one hand, they extending service points, building multifunctional self- service machine, helping the card holder to save time wasting on queuing outside the counter. On the other hand, they develop a more consummate customer service on line system, while staying at home; you can check our balance and recent transactions, making refund for member and non-member.

With such expansion of service, octopus does not lift down the customer satisfaction level, the octopus cherish every feedback from their customer and met it customer needs, as it said in the article, octopus expanding 20 more “service points” and online transaction checking, in order to increase the degree of perfect information. Taking this example, the octopus shows various key concepts of services and shall we discuss In the following paragraphs The octopus Is a far well success in Hong Kong. It provide both good and service.

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First to speak, you should get an octopus card or an octopus watch to begin with, which Is a tangible object as you can use It repeatedly, and together with it , you get a package of features, in this case, you gets discount via deferent shops, having rewards while paying with octopus Behind the scenes, octopus giving out numerous of services The businesses trends become technical; some service companies are using technology to replace workers. However, this may Jeopardize the satisfaction of customer needs.

Octopus creating a new online platform for refund Inquiries, the 20 additional octopus service Points will bring the total number of such machines to 50. The multifunctional self- service facilities could be reduced cost for enquiry. The machine allows Octopus users to check their remaining value, rewards balance and latest transactions. Not only they online platform, some of the smart phone also provided this function, it could made Octopus being success. Organizations must be able to offer products and services that alma to complement and benefit people’s lifestyle and behavior.

Octopus was a unique service provider In HECK. Even through here was competitor of Octopus, it still continued upgrading the service to face the social changed. Octopus was co-operated to credit card providers to provide auto- add value system to provide more convenient service. Octopus seems to be another type of generally acceptable money in HECK, Octopus Defined the relevant market to focus on local customers, Octopus have continued to market. Another factor to drive Octopus being success as people using willing to using pre-pay card or credit card instead of using bank notes and coins.

The environment and customer’s behavior changed and made octopus being success. Octopus try to provide good memorize service to customers, customers may continue to use same service In the service market, the concept of expectation has been extensively explored in the study of customer satisfaction. As Octopus was high technology electronic money, customers expect it would seldom to have error on transaction. However, there was some incomplete transaction. The number of transaction refunds was 4,146 on Sunday, amounting to HECK$39,897. 10. Since there were 127,666 number of Octopus cards serviced on Sunday, 0. 2 turnover rate was not high, but 4146 of customer’s inquiry would also drive the hotlist become crazy. Octopus company try to improve the service quality and satisfied more needs of customers. The introduction of the Octopus Service Point will become more convenient and easier for customers. Place and time are essential strategic issues in services delivery. As Octopus originally only could be use for MET and bus such travel. Later on Octopus company expanded the place available for Octopus. Octopus introduce internet enquiry and Octopus Service Points could save the service time and convenient for customers.

The vestment of customer’s participation in service delivery affects not only customer expectation, but also the productivity of the service company Octopus through various means, such as TV campaign to heighten awareness of the proper use of Octopus cards. Customer education could told customers what to perform such as self-service technology which reduces human interaction to reduce the faults to a minimum level. Creating a successful service company, service companies should have a vision and strategy in place aiming for long-term survival.

This necessitates not only managing he ups and service quality, but also building up a fail-proof customer relationship and a drive for innovation and a culture for service excellence. Evaluation could help the company to improve the service to satisfied customer, and it would be increase the royalty of the customers. Customers would more likely become the frequent customers of the company. Nowadays there were many applications introduced in smart phone, octopus company would try to introduce the APS through smart phone and to improve the service to let customers to check transactions and refund status through smart phone.

It would be more convenient to let customers enquired in anywhere. TV campaign will be launched in July to heighten awareness of the proper use of poster, website, etc. Customers could be aware much more easily. Reference http://www. Disheartened. Com. Heck/news_detail. Asp? Up_cat=30&art_id=134070&side=39725858&con_type=1 &d_star=201 30528 Octopus widens reach with service machines Those with Octopus cards will be able to check transactions and refund status at 20 more “service points” in three months.

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