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According to The Body Shop, they set up the stores all over the world, such as In united Seldom, US, France, Korea. The level of people’s life Is high In these countries and they always Ochs on the quality of what they use. On the other hand, The Body Shop also sells the different products In different places for different places. For example, due to the dry weather In the south of China, so The Body Shop sells some molester products such as skin lotion and shower lulls. Shawn Grumbles, 2004) Demographic segmentation Demographic segmentation is market segmentation according to age, race, religion, gender, family size, ethnicity, income,and education. Demographics can be segmented into several markets to help an organization target its consumers more accurately. The Body Shop’s targeted customers are general members of the public at all ages who seek natural and healthy beauty products.

Additionally people who have an awareness of particular protection are also targeted as potential customers. Firstly the Body Shop provides natural beauty product ranges including cosmetics for both women and men and home range. In this sense the general public from all age groups can be seen as potential customers. Secondly the most important variable in defining possible segmentations is based on cryptographic characteristics namely epistyle which will be discussed in detail in the next section.

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In additional the Body Shop brand is a quite famous national brand for beauty products in the UK and its brand image is closely linked with the campaigns it pursues in light of its corporate social responsibility objectives. (Molly Gill, 2003) Cryptographic Segmentation Cryptographic segmentation is dividing your market based upon consumer personality traits, values, attitudes, interests and lifestyles. Segmentation will allow you to better develop and market your products because there will be a more precise tact between the product and each segment’s needs and wants.

Choreographs segmentation for the Body Shop is strongly associated with cryptographic variables namely lifestyle ones with one of the major characteristic of customers being growing levels of awareness over health and social Issues Additionally another characteristic of beauty goods customers Is that they are concerned with brands to a high degree. This Is to say people prefer products which are both perceived as being healthy and which have a strong brand Image linked with beauty products.

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