Secular Humanism VS Christianity Assignment

Secular Humanism VS Christianity Assignment Words: 419

One question that many ask is who are we Secularists believe that humans are part of evolution. Many have done scientific studies and claim that humans have evolved from amoeba, single cell organisms, to man (Edwards). In other words, humans are really nothing but animals or cells. Naturalists look to the Darwin theory as the only truth of human existence (Wider and Guttering, p. 66). On the contrary, humans are a special creation from God. Christians believe that we are created in His image so that we will protect and take care of the earth as He has taken care of us.

As Christians we are to praise God In all His glory. The meaning or purpose of life for a humanist is to succeed in the world through his or her own values or what is right to them. It is as though they do not have any guidance as to what is right or wrong but through the Law. Ultimately, Naturalists believe that there Is no purpose in life and that it Is Just an illusion (Welder and Guttering, p. 69). However, knowing God personally is the main purpose of living. While having a relationship with friends and family is great having a relationship with God is even greater.

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A relationship with God Is the greatest purpose anyone could have. Most Naturalists are also known for Relativism because they do not believe in an absolute truth. They, as Relativism teaches, believe that because society and individuals change that there is no truth. In other words, what is right today may be wrong tomorrow. A group of men from the Council for Secular Humanism states that secular humanists believe that Just being happy Is Important. Christianity Is an absolute truth. The Bible teaches people how they should live their lives through God.

There are many great stories that teach us eight from wrong and that through Jesus death we can enter the Gods Kingdom. Life after death Is not believed in the secular view. They believe that when a person dies life is over and the body Is left to decompose In the ground. Unfortunately, many secularists turn to drugs, sex, alcohol, and other substances to escape the pain that the world has brought to them. The main issue in not believing in after life is suicide (Wider and Guttering, p. 74). Many believe that if they have no meaning in life then what Is the purpose of Miming.

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