Salesforce Marketing Cloud Differentiators Assignment

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ET is unparalleled in getting the mail out the door ET’s strong uptime proves there are no scheduled downtimes for system maintenance (99% is standard SLA) Data centers use a ‘pod architecture’ making them highly available and fully redundant Geographically disparate ata centers are equipped to withstand forces equivalent to an F5 tornado Deliverability Companies can’t generate revenue from email that doesn’t make it to the inbox.

Good deliverability is the result of good email marketing practices and staying true to permission By using a shared IP it is possible that your mail could be blocked due to the poor practices of another client using the same IP as you. It’s common that lower tier providers only offer shared IP addresses. ET has a good reputation because we’re committed to permission-based email marketing and hold our clients to that standard.

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Receivers will work ith us to get deliverability issues resolved ET offers dedicated IP addresses, which allow clients to build their own solid sender reputation & ensure that the practices of others won’t impact them Largest dedicated team in the industry: spend all day every day working to maximize our client’s deliverability. Deliverability isn’t left to a team of account managers who may have many responsibilities aside from deliverability.

It’s also in-house with ET vs outsourced Team tackles a wide range of inbox deliverability problems from unsatisfactory opt-in methods to poor sender reputation ET has the dvantage of leveraging the experience of the dozens of clients worked with daily. ReturnPath: Provides a very strong integrated solution with daily deliverability reports Ability to Service Large Clients ET has the industry credibility to successfully manage the largest companies ET’s technology investment benefits all clients Clients can create highly targeted messages based on interdependent rules and attributes Automation replaces the need for manual sends.

This efficiency is especially important with multiple sends going to many cities Sophisticated reporting nd analytics provide detailed information to make smarter, more strategic business decisions The dynamic content reporting allows clients to view the exact dynamic message that a customer received Industry Expertise Most companies are so fast-paced that it can be difficult to formulate a clear strategy, so they value strategy support from their ESP provider to help them plan, execute and be successful ET can handle large amounts of critical sends and knows the strategy behind them (Travelocity, Expedia) ET shares industry knowledge and directs clients on what has been successful with the larger, existing clients (Groupon rapid growth)

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