Online Marketing and reservation management system Assignment

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Opinions and ratings from the hotels and their services In this way it is easier for the client to choose the right hotel. It saves time and money for travelers. From 2008 to 2009 the world’s 30 largest hotel chains increased their online reservations With and this number is growing each year. Before, people entered directly on the hotels websites to book a room, but today, influenced by the crisis, travelers are more sensitive to prices and they prefer to compare prices and book cheaper.

Also business travelers, who usually spend more than other travelers, tend to search for facial offers and better prices, but with the same quality than before. The online reservation systems also make life easier for the hotels, because sale Is not any more their task or at least they sell fewer rooms directly. Multilingual call centre, 7/24 support Award wining website – 2008, Best Accommodation website in Salsa user trundle, no need to erg;steer to book a room, no reservation fee Lots of additional information about the destinations Competition: 1. Booking. Com – More than 105. 00 accommodation in all were the world (in 92 entries) ; The website Is available in 41 languages – No reservation fee ; Users don’t have to register to reserve a room ; No need to pay before the arrival ; Guest can arrange every aspect of the reservation online ; Multilingual customer service and call centre ; Established in 1996 ; Feedbacks from the hotels ; user friendly ; European car-nappy (The Netherlands) 2. Hotels. Com ; More than 130. 000 hotels from all over the world (in more than 60 countries) ; Multilingual call centre 7/24 ; More Han 1. 00. 000 feedbacks from hotels Established in 2002 Last minute offers – users don’t have to register to reserve a room – The website is available in more than 41 languages, but not every part of the page – No cancellation fee – No need to pay before the arrival (in most of the cases), Apart from the Hosteller,corn website. Which aims the budget travelers. All the Other websites are for the business and leisure Most Of the pages Offers a wide range Of hotels – from budget hotels, hostels to hotels.

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On horror one can search hotels by themes, like golf hotels, designer hotels, etc. And they also Offer special discounts Hoteliers has a special program for business travelers with discounts. On hrs. Com and hotel. Info there is a possibility to reserve accommodation for groups. All pages work in the same style – no need to register to book a room, no reservation fee, immediate confirmation of the booking, no need to pay at the time of the reservation, Instead pay at the time of check In or check out.

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