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analysis for P&G management team of the case: The Man Your Man Could Smell Like 18 September 2011 Discussion agenda ??? ??? Big Picture and how Old Spice campaign could influence it. What are those business goals? ??? ??? Old Spice marketing strategy ??? where to shoot? Product line ??? who is the next ‘product hero’ after the body washes? ??? ??? Promotion and all about media and communication Answering key questions: ??? Why campaign is succesful? ??? Should Old Spice campaign be continued? ??? If yes, within which strategic direction? Summary of marketing opportunities. ??? Cascading Business Objectives

Let’s restore and speak about Old Spice ‘big picture’ puzzle drawn on figure 1. BUSINESS GOAL & STRATEGY OLD SPICE MARKETING STRATEGY Product Communication strategy & Promotion Media strategy Price How to achieve business goal? ??? It couldn’t be achieved via communication tools only. It depend on other ‘P’ that integrated into marketing strategy. ??? Thus lower levels should be logically aligned and contribute into business objectives deliverables. Place Advocacy on next steps will be built on this simple principles aiming to deiver business objective for the brand and the company.

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Social media strategy Figure 1. Showes place of each startegic component relatively business goal. P&G BUSINESS GOALS and STRATEGY Business Goal: gain 20% market share in deodorant products*, total market value worth US $ 1 billion and overtake Unilever with futher market lead. Some assumptions are drown for P&G business strategy related to Old Spice to provide with more precise advocacy. 1. Maintain company harmonized portfolio: Gillette ‘shaving’ vs. Old Spice ‘grooming’. ? To continue with ‘grooming’ functional products for Old Spice. 2.

Build brands people wants to have ? Awake, rejuvenate brand and make it ‘hot’. 3. Leverage on company strength. –> To apply premium perfumery know-how to drive volume/value via appealing ‘scent’ collectables and ‘up-trade’ through premium touches. * Mentioning in a case of ‘men’s deodorant products market’ is treated as ‘male grooming products’, i. e. apart deodorants includes body washes and other male grooming products. MARKETING STRATEGY. OBJECTIVE: Reach Business goal via REPOSITIONING (activates Volume/Value drivers): 1. To force more people to buy Old Spice? Opportunity utilization within male grooming product market growth. – Awareness is not an issue: its almost as high as ‘knowing the father’. – ISSUES: Appealing, consideration and purchase: 1. new product line; 2. new communication; 3. core target audience shift: male users of grooming products, primary aged 18-35, secondary is older than 35. 2. Every consumer will buy Old Spice more often ? – Functionality vs. Collectability of scents. 3. From every sale business will earn more profit ? – The most premium product line to be promoted/communicated. PRODUCT LINE

Objectives identified for product lines (table 1) help to find ‘Hero’ for the promotion Line Classic High Endurance Red Zone OLD SPICE PRODUCTS Functionality Scent Objective Tradi Shaving to keep loyal customers tional Deodo Body basic, complete line (hairs & body), functional Hair prod. Newer rants Washes features; youth recruitment (more affordable) Time- premium, only body line, time-released scents B. Sprays released (perfumery); targeted at youth, up-trade Table 1. Emphasize the objectives of each product line . Which product line? Only High Endurance (HE)& Red Zone (RZ) are targeting the youth. Voices’ towards RZ: – 1 deodorant is enougth though you may want several of them with different smell – RZ premium & aspirational ? recruits in HE & uptrades to RZ, increases value ? RZ communication should ‘indulge into the gaime of smells’ Which product item? Deodorants or Body washes ??? as 2 dominating products – Research identified male body washes suggested a massive growth opportunity COMMUNICATION STRATEGY and What made the ‘Man that Your Man Could Smell Like’ campaign so succesfull? Old Spice made its way in a unique and smart manner Figure 2. Goals Consu mer

Creative Media Execution Result Figure 2. Suggested for review main aspects of Old Spice Communication Strategy . Consumer: expanded with introduction to woman ? influence & main purchase makers Creative: Winner of Grand Prix at the Cannes Lions IAF. Great scenery, copyright, team W+K, director and hero actor ‘ladies man’ /’OK’ for man. Continuity, tone of voice ? with respect, classy, yet ‘spicy’ and cool; Opens and provokes dialog, switching on the viral trigger. Sexual, trustful, self-confident, carrying: finally man went out of bathroom to make her day!

Brand identity touches: whistle, slogan: SMELL like a man, Man; RTB claim ??? genius: ‘I’m riding this horse backward’ MEDIA STRATEGY. What made the ‘Man that Your Man Could Smell Like’ campaign so succesfull? 1st TV reel TV Super Bowl Viral 2nd TV reel YouTube/viral cinemas/TV On-line reels Facebook/Twitter/ YouTube Smart strategy allowed Old Spice to move from paid media into earned media where bran could increase buzz and continue dialog with target group. It looks like campaign was not planned in a such manner, but agency and management team found ways to react quickly while listening what people saying.

Old Spice became a pioneer brand at exploring such a succesful way of gaining consumer minds. Smart approaches: ??? prioritizing 2nd spot with on-line ??? to show respect of on-line auditorium and test /’get used to’ such approach ??? possibility to manage concept due to ‘swagger’ and ‘witty’ tone/hero acting ???responses generated additional traffic: high profile users with significant followers and mainstream media ???no brand identity ??? Isaya iconic/face of Old Spice BUSINESS RESULTS Old Spice has taken on Unilever’s rival Axe brand head on. July 2010 sales: 29% sales increase of Red Zone line versus March. 07% body wash sales increase within 4 weeks period ended July 2010 2010 campaigns starting in February created significant amount of buzz around the brand in the market. 6,000,000 total views in the first 24 hours of online “Responses” campaign on YouTube ? the e-community was waiting to hear answers on posted questions. Repositioning had a success shifting Old Spice perception in the market has changed: Loved by women ??? hero man don’t remind about grandfathers anymore Isaiah Mustafa, the Old Spice Man, reached instant celebrity status and was invited to appear on popular television talk shows.

Mark Tutssel “It took an old, sleepy brand and woke it up and overnight wove its way into popular culture. ” Schould be ‘THE MAN THAT YOUR MAN CAN SMELL LIKE’ continued, and if so how? Main hero should be kept as woman are monogamic they already fail in love. Change of the hero is risky and may destroy initial effect. Suggest stretch success of campaign together with the hero. Responses campaign rarely involved brand inclusions ??? Isaya is the face of Old Spice Body washes ??? should stay with this product. Communication on other products can introduce new faces.

Test approach of adding other male bodies into spots, developing man talks. Important continue open provocative speech to continue success of chosen media strategy, create ways of strengthening it. Creative shifts as it was with ‘Questions’ from ‘ too much fairytale’ (prince on a white horse, diamonds) to slightly more tangible (kitchen, cake, bike). Create other consumption scenarios like evening shower stories, reinforced by smell variations. What the strategic direction of OLD SPICE brand should be, going into the future?

Number of questions could be addressed in relation with rest P, achieved market share and sales by category line, consumer insights and so on in determination of brand strategy. Communication should be pulled towards 16-18 aged male younger audience in increase of CLTV customer life time value. Battle should continue for deodorants and further other products, though body washes campaign is suggested to be on air. Digital and social media should play key role in brand activation Idea of ‘Scents’ multiplication should continue drive additional volume.

The future brand communication should concern Red Zone extended to deodorants products to reinforce P business goal. MARKETING ISSUES/OPPORTUNITIES ???Old Spice hits Unilever from the side unexpectedly. Anlike Unilever who continues mono product campaign of Axe deodorants, Old Spice attaked its rival with male body washes. ???Omnipresence of Isaya isn’t an issue, while strong ancoring with body washes could limit protfolio diversification and sustainable development. Time to activate next strong portfolio product ??? deodorants, eating more market share here. From communiication prospective Old Spice has stronger starting positions rahter than competitors: people now are discussing Old Spice. Logical consequence ‘first we take shower, after apply deodorant’ won’t resonance with the sence of first campaign. ???Opportunity to fine tune brand identity in a favor of consistency: wistle, different slogans (on merchandise ‘I’m on a horse’) ??? More relevant comunication for males as some may reject ‘everything for ladies approach’. ??? Assuming that within group aged 18-35, couples establishment touches age of 2535, leaving youngest man without attention. Opportunity to extend CLTV.

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