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Oriflame is a cosmetics company that sells high-quality natural skin careand cosmetics products through Home Beauty Demonstrations or Catalogues-Direct sales allow customers to get advice and inspiration from people theyknow and trust. Buying direct is reliable and convenient. Being an Oriflame Sales Consultant means unlimited income and career opportunities, personal development and a sense Of belonging to a friendly global community. Oriflame as a company is characterized by a can-do spirit, adecentralized management and a young and entrepreneurial atmosphere.

Oriflame Cosmetics Oriflame Cosmetics is one of the world’s fastest growing cosmetics companies, selling high-quality natural skincare and cosmetics products hrough an independent sales force outside the traditional retail environment. Oriflame Cosmetics has a presence in 59 countries and is one of the market leaders in over30 countries. A direct sales force of 2. 2 million independent sales consultants markets a complete range of high-quality skincare products, fragrances, and cosmetics. Marketing of Oriflame Oriflame is one of the most rapidly growing direct selling beauty company.

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They currently operate in 61 countries although their offices aredistributed all around in the world in places like Republic, Poland, Sweden, Russia and Thailand When you become an Oriflame Consulting you’ll get direct access to lotsof support material that will assist you in getting your new business off theground. The company provides total support every step of the way with greattraining, updated catalogues and the latest beauty trend information. You willalso have access to sales support tools so you can view your sales commissions,your down line and things like that.

They also have an Oriflame University that will give you advancednetwork marketing training and in-depth product information. Also every 3weeks the company istributes their own newsletter that will tell you about newinternal product launches, local events and recognition of people in your areathat have made it to Director or higher. The company also offers an internalsupport structure and will wire you into their entire network of Consultants whoeducate, train and motivate each other.

Oriflame is a direct selling company who cuts out all the middlemen andpasses on this Opportunity to Independent Distributors. The company saves abundle of money this way because they’ve shortened their distribution chain. Consumer behavior: nvolves the psychological processes thatconsumers go through in recognizing needs, finding ways to solve these needs,making purchase decisions (e. g. , whether or not to purchase a product and, if so,which brand and where), interpret information, make plans, and implement theseplans (e. g. by engaging in comparison shopping or actually purchasing aproduct) Attitudes: Consumer attitudes are a composite of a consumer’s (1) beliefs about, (2)feelings about, (3) and behavioral intentions toward some “objectll” within thecontext of marketing, usually a brand, product category, or retail store. Thesecomponents are viewed together since they are highly interdependent andtogether represent forces that influence how the consumer will react to theobject. Beliefs: The first component IS beliefs. A consumer may hold both positivebeliefs toward an object (e. . , coffee tastes good) as well as negative beliefs(e. g. , coffee is easily spilled and stains papers). In addition, some beliefs may beneutral (coffee is black), and some may be differ in valance depending on theperson or the situation (e. g. , coffee is hot and stimulates–good on a coldmorning, but not well on a hot summer evening when one wants to leep). Notealso that the beliefs that consumers hold need not be accurate (e. g. , that pork contains little fat), and some beliefs may, upon closer examination, becontradictory.

Affect: Consumers also hold certain feelings toward brands or other objects. Sometimes these feelings are based on the beliefs (e. g. , a person feels nauseatedwhen thinking about a hamburger because of the tremendous amount of fat itcontains), but there may also be feelings which are relatively independent of beliefs. For example, an extreme environmentalist may believe that cuttingdown trees is morally wrong, but may have positive affect oward Christmastrees because he or she unconsciously associates these trees with the experiencethat he or she had at Christmas as a child.

Changing behavior: People like to believe that their behavior is rational; thus, once they use the products, chances are that they will continue unless someone is able toget them to switch. One Way to get people to switch to Our brand is to usetemporary price discounts and coupons; however, when consumers buy aproduct on deal, they may justify the purchase based on that deal (i. e. , thelow price) and may then switch to other brands on deal later. A betterway to get people to switch to our brand is to at least temporarily obtain better shelf space so that the product is more convenient.

Consumers areless likely to use this availability as a rationale for their purchase and may continue to buy the product even when the product is less convenientlylocated. Changing beliefs: Although attempting to change beliefs is the obvious way to attemptattitude change, particularly when consumers hold unfavorable orinaccurate ones, this is often difficult to achieve because consumers tendto resist. Several approaches to belief change exist. Changing affect: One approach is to try to change affect, which may or may not involvegetting consumers to change their beliefs.

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