Movies: Potatoes, the Fading Family Farm, a Time to Act for Family Farms Assignment

Movies: Potatoes, the Fading Family Farm, a Time to Act for Family Farms Assignment Words: 493

Movies: Potatoes, The Fading Family Farm, A Time to Act for Family Farms The People Who Feed Us Struggle to Keep Their Farms The American farm workers seem to love their jobs and at the same time they are feeding the rest of the country. So why are so many farm workers being forced to give that all up? It is because they cannot make the farm efficient enough to support a living. Farmers are auctioning away their animals, land, and machinery that have been in their families for generations because it simply is not worth it to struggle in order to keep the farm up and running.

Economically it is smarter for the average small farm farmer to quit and sell their operation then it is to try and run it. This certainly is not right, and in the future, states such as New Hampshire may have malls and parking lots instead of rolling hills and cows. The small family farms in the United States should be preserved because it is one of the more unique jobs out there. The farm workers that enjoy waking up, interacting with animals and inevitably providing us produce with all their hard work should be able to stay in business.

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The government should make sure they can stay functioning if their operation is run well. The quality of the food in small American farms is also probably better for us as well. Instead of receiving products from different countries and the produce losing vitamins with a two week delivery and stock duration, we could utilize these small farms and enjoy fresh food. The way our country operates now is by buying and selling mass amounts of products in order to save money and make profit.

Small farms are incapable of providing mass quantities of food and this is why the small farm has become more of a recreational hobby then a business. Personally, to see families having to auction off what they love is depressing and as a human being you have to feel for them and their loss. Small family farms are not only for food and trying to make profit but it’s a way of life that takes us back in time. New Hampshire has many farms you may stay at as tourists such as Marill Farms and the Wildflower Inn.

These places are so great because of the home made food, the animals, the huge fields, and the feeling that you are living like everyone once did years ago. You really cannot obtain that feeling without small family farms. If our country continues to be money hungry, and if everyone strives to make an extra dollar, we will end up changing the face of our country. When traveling to northern New Hampshire, I want to be able to see open land and smell farms in operation. I wouldn’t want to see more malls and billboards.

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