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Some of the men even think that war is something fun and exciting, and getting into the battlefield Is something to look forward to. You can see in All Quiet on the Western Front that In beginning of the movie, the young soldiers are so excited to get dressed in their army suits and are ready to fight. When one of the soldiers mother saw his son putting on that uniform, she got shocked and scared. And in The Dawn Patrol, most of the young soldiers are so happy to be there but the experienced ones know that most of them are not going to make It.

For example, when Scotty saw his rather, Donned quitted school and joined the army, he got really concerned because he knew that he was too young, he did not get enough training and was never going to make it. Secondly, all of the new soldiers from both of the movies get really emotional and sad when someone died. One of the soldier, Paul, In All quiet on the western Front, he felt so guilty after he stabbed one of his enemy In his chest with a knife, that he even asked the enemy to give him his address, so that he can write to his wife, or they can even be friends if it was not for the war. Meanwhile in The Dawn

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Patrol, Hollister was so sad that his best friend, Bobby, did not make It. He got so sad and said that they did not even gave him time to unpack. But some of them, mostly the experienced ones, are more emotionally stable. For example, in one of the scenes in The Dawn Patrol, when Courtney thought that Scotty was killed, he was very calm. When the soldiers was playing a song, one of them asked the soldiers to turn the music down. But Courtney did not mind, he asked them to keep playing. In All Quiet on the Western Front, when all the soldiers were underground, just waiting, there were so many explosions that one of the soldiers.

Gimcrack, couldn’t stand that he decided to run out of there. But one of the more experienced soldier, Kate, decided to punch him unconscious so that Gamecock could be calm. A lot of us think s that war will make someone feel numb and heartless. A lot of them are very scared and caring but not all of them will express their feeling through emotions but instead in actions. The next thing that the characters have in common is that they really care about their friendship, some of them even willing to sacrifice themselves just so that they can rescue their friend.

In All Quiet In the Western Front, when Kimberly Is dying, Paul dated by his side and made him calm down, Just so that he can die peacefully. 1 OFF he gave it to him. In The Dawn Patrol, at the end of them movie, Courtney know how dangerous the task is, everyone know that when Scott decided to take the plane and lure the enemy away, that he is never going to come back. Instead of letting Scott go, Courtney makes Scott drunk and took the plane himself. He sacrificed his own life for his best friend. Another thing that the characters have in common is that they don’t want money or power.

In the dawn patrol, when Major Brand gave his place to Courtney, he didn’t seemed too excited about it. Even before that, as a good soldier Courtney and Scott was, they bombed their enemy not thinking that they will get promoted or anything like that. And in All Quiet on the Western Front, they don’t want money. All money and powers in wars are not important anymore. You can have all the money in the world, but you might get killed. And finally, in both movies, they all have a really strong will to live. For instance, in the movie The Dawn Patrol, when everyone thought Scott was dead, every one was devastated. But turns out he was not dead.

His plane went down and somehow Scott still manages to find his way back. Meanwhile in All Quiet on the Western Front, a patient told Paul that if someone gets transferred to another room, there is no way that that person is going to make it. But when Paul gets transferred, he was screaming and shouting to everyone that he is going to make it, he was not ready to die yet. This is very important because it shows that their will to live and carry on is very strong. There are also some differences in the presentation of moral choices characters have made in the two movies I have selected. One of them is how they see their enemy.

In The Dawn Patrol, I think that they only see their “enemy’ as an enemy only n the battlefield, because later in that movie, they invited their enemy, a German, to have a drink with them, as if he had never killed one of their people. And the German was also very willing to have a drink with. But in the movie All Quiet on the Western Front, none of them liked their never, which I find it not surprising but instead in The Dawn Patrol they only see them as an enemy only in the battlefield and when they’re not fighting each other, they can Just be two friends drinking at a bar, even after knowing that he may have killed their friend.

Another thing that they have in difference is how easily one can forgive the other. In The Dawn Patrol, Scott and Courtney fall out seriously, breaking off their friendship, when Coot’s young brother, Downy turns up as one of the latest batch of recruits. Scott wants to save him, to get him held back from the conflict, but Courtney points out that there can be no exceptions, everyone must go out there and fight no matter who or how young you are.

Scott is right that his brother is too young and inexperienced, and will die in his first battle, which he did, Courtney is right that others are equally unprepared. Scott is really mad and Courtney for doing that and almost did not forgave him for what he id. But in All quiet in the Western Front, when all of the soldiers are visiting Comeback in the hospital, Mueller saw how fine his boots was and immediately ask if he could take his boots since Gimcrack won’t be using them any more cause he got his leg amputated.

His friend is dying over there, instead of taking good care of him. He asked if he could take his boots. Not only Gimcrack was not mad at him, but he gave him his boots in the end. I know Scott forgave Courtney in the end by making the decision that there will be not exception. But Scott did not realized soon enough hat boots again because he has lost his legs and was about to die, so he forgave his friend right away and decided to give him his shoe.

In conclusion, both of these movies are amazing and there are some very powerful scenes in these movies where you can’t find in movies these days. We learn that war is nothing to be glorified. In truth, it is really a bad thing. Many people lose their lives to war. Friends and young men went into war with high hopes but in the end were killed off one by one by the horrific war. It can be concluded that many soldiers don’t understand the real purpose for war and such human sacrifice.

We can see that most of the soldiers participated without any fear, but filled with excitement, thinking that war is not a horrific thing and felt confident that they will win. But sadly, some of them are dead before unpacking. And I think that there is an important message that the movie All Quiet on the Western Front was trying to say. War is a seemingly meaningless conflict and can be done without. And let’s hope that another World War will not come anytime soon in our future, our generation. However, both films are so well made and I won’t get tired no matter how many times Vive seen it.

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