Mission Issues in the History of Christianity in India Assignment

Mission Issues in the History of Christianity in India Assignment Words: 330

Nobility developed a theology that functioned as a bridge between the Bible and cultures to articulate the gospel meaningfully to that particular context. If the theology is not valid to the spirituality of the local community then that theology will never survive long. So, it is important for the theologians to study the cultures because “contextual theology is incarnation in utilizing cultural forms and transformational in sanctifying their meanings”al Thirdly the mission goal of Vatican

II “is to aim at the conversion of people to the Christian faith, with a view to the expansion or extension of the Catholic church”12 But there are different forms of experiments that have happened in history in the application to Vatican II decisions. Under the Evangelic Annuitant (issues related ventilation) church took the issues of ventilation seriously with an emphasis on popular piety and people’s liberation than ventilation) dealt with the fullness of revelation. 14 Along with these issues the catholic mission in Asia (specifically in India) is primarily “one of love and arrive”1 5 towards the local people.

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From this time onwards Liberation theologies and all Marxian ideologies influenced mission understandings. Almost all these issues are very vital issues even today in mission academics so this is necessary to look into the context very seriously. Conclusion: There are several mission issues related to the mission history of the church in India. External and internal issues still contributing negatively and positively which ultimately can help the church to correct the limitations they might have in the past.

The discussion is not how to do mission rather the present concussion is focused on what is mission so the mission issues determine the present mission methodologies; because there is not one absolute theory or model of mission, rather there are many dimensions of mission and it will create new challenges for us to face in the 21st century. Bibliography Athol, Judas M. “The Public Mission

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