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The two divisions’ operations are currently organized into business groups on a regional basis, with certain exceptions: the global businesses of prestige, our fragrance business within HP and Milliner Food solutions within Foods. The regional and global businesses are currently headed by Business Presidents. These businesses remain the driving force behind Milliner, comprising the operating companies which provide the key interface with customers and consumers, allowing quick response to the needs of local markets. The division of Milliner limited is classified into various division explained as under:- .

Milliner is one of the leading food companies in the world. Its mission is to add vitality to life by meeting everyday needs of people everywhere, through branded products that make people enjoy food, enjoy health, and enjoy life. * Savory and dressings: A Milliner global leader in savory and dressings, with strong brands rooted in chieftainship and taste, including Nor, Helmsman’s, Call, Wishbone, Amoral and Bernoulli. Our leading savory brand, Nor, is Milliner’s biggest brand, an over 100 markets.

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Its product range includes soups, bouillons, sauces, sin noodles, frozen food and meal solutions. A wider savory product range around the world under a variety of brand names. Its combined dressing is the biggest in the world. With Bernoulli, which began as a leading Italian brand, we are building on the qualities associated with Italian food to e brand into spreads, dressings and pasta sauces. * Spreads and cooking products HULL leads with the spreads and cooking products category with two key families with increasingly consistent positioning around the world.

Heal brands Bezel and Flora deliver strong growth, particularly with pro;active, health benefits enabling people to enjoy life to the full. Family brands in Ram, Blue Band and Country Crock are building a positioning based on nutritious foods for the family. * Beverages: HULL Leads market in tea-based beverages with Lipton, then global marker leaf and ready-to-drink tea. Innovations, including Lipton Ice Tea Green a Aqua, target the growing market for healthy, refreshing beverages.

HULL r products and brands across our portfolio including Slim;Fast, whose ran meal replacement drinks, soups and snack bars. Hindustan milliner limit the needs of various customer by providing good nutrition in affordable Anaphora and, under Dads, a range of tasty, nutritional, soy-based drink ream and frozen foods: Hindustan Milliner is world’s leading producer of ice cream, with sales 40 countries. Ice cream products under the Heart brand, including Corner Magnum, Carte door and Sole, are sold internationally. Brewers, Ben &a Cloudlike and Popsicle are leading North American-based brands.

Ben & is also sold in Europe. Although not a separate reporting category as its r reported within the categories above, Milliner Food solutions is a global business providing solutions for professional chefs and caterers. For ex. provides prepared ingredients that save time and new ways of serving argue scale at consistent quality. 2. HOME AND PERSONAL CARE Milliner Home and Personal Care has some of the world’s most successful such as Dove, Lox, Mom and Surf. All its brands are about looking good, f and getting more out of life.

With a strong heritage in hygiene and peers combined with deep consumer insights. This brand portfolio adds vital delivers value to our business. * Home care product segment: Company is market leaders in laundry products in developing and emmer and hold number two positions in North America and most of Europe. Its have been developed to meet the diverse range of consumer needs to CLC or their clothes. They include tablets for convenience, traditional powders and liquids for washing by hand or machine. Tailored products, including soap bars, AR available for lower income consumers.

It brands include Comfort, Mom, Radiant, Ski Snuggle and Surf, and they are available in over 100 countries. Household care products are designed to meet most cleaning and hygiene needs around the home Where CIFS and Domestic hold strong positions in the key markets in which they operate. * Personal care HULL lead the global deodorants and skin cleansing markets, and are in the top three in daily hair care and mass-market skin care. Six global brands – Axe, Dove, Lox, Pond’s, Reason and Sunlit -are the core products in these categories.

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