Marketing War Assignment

Marketing War Assignment Words: 357

Limited number of stores Opportunity 1 . New menu items 2. Venture more into home delivery 3. Venture into newer markets 4. Create more brand awareness Threats 1 . Papa John”s competition offers many varying menu items where as Papa John”s only offers a select offering of pizza, appetizer, and drinks. 2. Health conscious people Competition Competitors 1 . KEF 2. Pizza Hut 3. Dominoes 4. McDonald’s 5. Subway 6. Smoking Joes 7. Tactless Domino’s Sushi ski home delivery; Hungry Aka? Home delivery in 30 minutes else free Best pizza home delivery service 1 . Huge popular brand name and high brand loyalty 2. High number of products .

Hygienic food and quick service 4. Leader in online & mobile ordering. 5. Strong brand equity supported by heavy advertising & marketing campaigns. 6. Global franchise operations – more than 3,500 in over 50 countries 7. Efficient and effective supply chain management enables it maintain its goodwill and promises 1 . High fat and high calorie food not good for health conscious people 2. Franchise management. 3. High staff turnover due to lack of training and development 1 . Lampooner efficiency and home delivery service 2. Introduction of new flavor additives and pizza toppings that are region specific can e a good stride for Domino’s. . The distribution network should be further strengthened so as to ensure market penetration in the existing markets at maximum optimum levels. 4. Growing presence in emerging markets, particularly in India, China. Threats 1 . Intensive competition from a fragmented number of small competitors 2. Changing consumer habits towards healthier food choices. 3. McDonald’s 4. Subway 5. Burger King 7. Tactical 8. Papa John’s Pizza Pizza Hut Your Favorite Your Pizza Hut Good service and good pizzas at outlets Most delicious pizzas for the entire family 2. Innovative range of pizzas under one roof .

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Sound financial situation and international turnover. 5. Good advertising and marketing 6. Over 20,000 franchises around the world 1 . Loyal customers are feeling that the satisfaction of the pizzas is declining. 2. Franchise management 3. Lack of an organic pizzas, which will limit the target market Opportunity 1 . New Pizzas with different crust sizes and flavors. 1 . Threat from Domino’s pizza, also from Mac Dona’s who have tried to introduce a new meal that is a Pizza. 2. Health conscious people. 3. The rising prices of special ingredients like cheese, used in pizzas. Competition 2. McDonald’s .

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