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The marketing donuts defines target market as one or more specific groups of attention consumers toward which an organization directs its marketing program. For warm delight the article mentions that the targeted market is women without children. The TV commercial for warm delight proves this statement, as it shows a young woman enjoying the baked treat middle of the night. B) What is the point of difference in regards to the positioning for warm delights? Since the product was not a baking mix nor was it a cake the company had a trouble positioning the product, but they choose to put it in the cake aisle. ) What are the potential opportunities and hindrance of the target market and position? The product is affordable, convenient, and eye catching to the targeted market. These are few of the opportune for the targeted market. However, since the targeted market is single woman there are a limited number of them in the population. The book talks about another hindrance which is related to the positioning of the product. The cake aisle shoppers are usually looking for multiple servings, rather than single serving item, therefore, this limits the consumers. A) What market did Vivian Galloway execute? Vivian Galloway and her team collected primary data in the marketing research process. They used an external approach of concept tests to familiarize the innovative product to consumers to get their feedback on how they perceive the product and if they would use it. (Kerri, Hartley) b) What were the critical questions for which she sought research and expert advice? Galloway and her team faced numerous critical questions which included: Comparison Problem- The shelf price of other product was $0. 89 compared to $2. 0 for the warm delight. Therefore there was a problem when consumers matched rises of the two products. Communication Problem- The message the product stated gave a different idea to the consumers. Quite aisle Problem- Since the product was placed in the cake aisle the shoppers were not looking for the dessert bowl. Dessert Problem – The targeted consumers don’t plan desserts with their meal since they are usually on a limited calories count. Microwave problem- since microwaveable food are usually tasteless consumers did not like the idea of the product. Kerri, Hartley) c) How did this affect the product’s marketing mix price, promotion, packaging, and striation decisions? Price- When compared to other single- serve indulgent treats, Warm Delight price of $2. 00 closely match the competitors price. Promotion- Television and in store advertising was used to promote the product. Distribution- Galloway and the team executed the issues related to shelving by placing eye catching products outside the cake aisle to draw consumer’s attention and have them explore the different options Warm Delight provides.

Product- The makers created small portion size to appeal the calorie conscious women. Originally the desert bowl included nuts, however, data showed that it was better to create the product without nuts. Therefore, they were removed. Packaging- A recyclable disposable bowl was used for the convenience of the customers. Using a recyclable bowl would mean that the consumers will not be needing to use their own bowl. AAA) What initial promotion plan directed to consumer in the target market did Galloway use? According to the book, Galloway talks about breaking boundaries to have a successful product.

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The company states ” When you want something that is truly innovative, you have to look at all the rules you have been assuming in your category and break them all! ” The initial promotional plan was to create a product that was small, fast, and microwavable, and to position it in the cake aisle. B) Why did this make sense to Galloway and her team when warm delight was launched? Galloway and her team thought that the product will resonate well with brand loyal consumers since the product fit well with the family friendly Betty Crockery Brand. ) If you were a consultant to Vivian Galloway, what product changes would you commend to increase sales of Warm Delights? If I were a consultant I would firstly suggest to update the Target market, instead of focusing on single woman the company should be focusing on families with children. Doing so the audience will increase. Next the product size would need to increase. If the target market is changed we would want the product to serve one family. Since the audience are little children allergies should be taken into consideration and if variety of flavors are offered the audience will have options.

Sources: Kerri, R. , & Hartley, S. (2013). Developing new product and services. In Marketing: The core(5th deed. ). New York, NY: McGraw-Hill/Larkin. Six steps to defining your target market. (n. D. ). Retrieved April 24, 2015. Chapter 10 1)What information should be included in a written positioning statement for Mary Kay? A positioning statement is a series of sentences that describes the place a product occupies in consumers’ minds and why it is unique and relevant to the audience. The written positioning statement for Mary Kay should: Identify the important attributes Discover how other products compare

Discover how customer feels about the product and Put a positive view on the product. It should also include: Target audiences- average middle-class consumers between 25- 54 men and women. The two product categories- one is beauty product: Skin care and color cosmetics and the other thing is grooming products: spa and body fragrance. Product benefits- affordable price and high quality and high-value product also increase in goldfinches. Good quality product at low price is their uniqueness. 2) How would you draft a formal, written positioning statement for Mary Kay using he information detailed in question 1?

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