Marketing Strategy Roles in Determining Consumer Behaviour Assignment

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Screening of buildings also improves people’s lives in other ways I. E. Keeping flies out of homes and cafes. Where it is possible [I. E. Buildings have four walls] to put screens on windows and screen doors on doors, screening should be encouraged. Screening is also a useful adjunct to use of a treated betted or residual treatment of walls because it reduces the number of malaria mosquitoes entering and leaving the building and Increases the odds that Anopheles mosquitoes that get Into the building will be exposed to the treated dent or residual treatment. Source reduction: This is possible in some conditions but very difficult in other conditions. Malaria mosquitoes breed in many different locations. Source reduction is particularly useful if mosquitoes are breeding in man-made containers such as water tanks or at construction sites. If the mosquitoes are breeding In water tanks, for example, it is possible to screen the tanks. However, If the malaria mosquitoes are breeding In a swamp, It Is not always possible Noreen wise to attempt to drain the swamp.

Thus, other strategies for breaking remission may need to be used. * Drug treatment of malaria patients: People who have malaria have parasites available for malaria mosquitoes that bite them. If they are treated with appropriate drugs, the parasites disappear from their blood and are not available to the mosquitoes. This helps to reduce the transmission of malaria. * unfortunately, however, often not everybody who has malaria parasites available for mosquitoes shows the symptoms of malaria.

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In some areas, including Africa, a very large percentage of people [over 50%] may have malaria arises yet only some people [mostly small children and pregnant women] show the symptoms. Thus, drug treatment of patients is a helpful technique in controlling malaria, but it cannot be the ONLY technique. * Malaria is becoming resistant to several of the drugs used to treat it, and thus alternative strategies need to be used. * use of Insect repellents: This Is especially recommended for those who are many people who actually live in malicious areas. Use of mosquito mats and coils: This is similar to the use of repellents. Some people may be allergic to the smoke that these devices emit, and for some, these devices are too expensive.

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