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Non-verbal contact may include visual and written material. Verbal immunization is face to face whiles non-verbal communication may include visual and written material. Successful communication relies on information been sent, received and understood. When there is an obstacle to this process, a barrier to communication is created. The 02 need to be in direct contact with its customers through verbal communication, it uses its stores or contact centers, this enables customers talk to the staff of 02 with regards to any issues or questions they have.

Non-verbal communication carries a wide range of methods, these include visual elements such as adverts, 02 logics, adverts In newspapers, TV and other media as ell as the ass’s Image. Other forms of non-verbal communication Include the sales and Information literature found In 02 shops across the ILK. Market Segmentation and Target Markets According to Bake,K segmentation Is ten sun -Loveless AT ten market Into identifiable groups with the target of reaching each market segment”.

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Furthermore Smith (1956), defines market segmentation as the division of a market into different groups of customers with distinctly similar needs and products and service requirements. In other words, it is the division of a mass market into identifiable and extinct groups or segments, each of which have common characteristics, needs and display similar responses to marketing actions. Geographical Bases of Segmentation Geographical segmentation involves the division of customers based by continent, country or state. Customer groups can also be formed on the basis of size of population off particular region as asserted by Bake(2008). 02 has gone live with a location based SMS and Service that pings opted in consumer’s vouchers and other information regarding specific stores and products when the consumer enters a gee fence around the store. This allows consumers to go about their normal day and automatically alerts them about when they are near a special offer available at their favorite retailers. This enables service consumers to connect with brands at the right place and in real time all via the mobile phone, example of companies are Cataracts and L’Oreal.

This division is based on dividing customers under the location and thus falls under geographical segmentation. * intuits to Abroad- The 02 has an offer on the market for 3000 units to call numbers abroad and the target market is the high immigrant population in the UK who want to stay in contact with their families back home. Demographic Bases of Segmentation “Demography is the study of population characteristics and demographers have used a number of key indicators in their studies of population.

According to Kettle et al (2000) a demographic bases for segmenting markets are age, the stage in the family, gender and household composition. * 02 Mobile Connect 36- 02 has a 36 Mobile connect using the dongle which gives its targets market the Business Executives and Students access at anytime easy high speed internet connectivity. * Family Friendly Mobile Phone Service-The protection of minors and the vulnerable is an important part of society. Many parents want their children to have mobile phone.

The 02 has a wholesale agreement with Disney Company which allowed Disney to launch a new family-friendly mobile phone service this is to target the vulnerable kids in the society. * 02 Jugglers-Len March,2009 02 launched a Million stop frame animation campaign to target families, the ass’s new touch Joggled devise has a stop frame animation used to show the family organizing appointments using the 02 Joggled demonstrating a new way to help families life run more smoothly. The 02 Joggled is a sleek 7 touch screen devise for the household that keeps the whole family connected.

It has been build on the insight that family life is hectic and can be difficult to manage appointments, birthdays, school runs, work deadlines all these can be store on the 02 family Joggled calendar. * 02 Talk All Night-02 offers the lovers a lop per minute call time from AMA to am, this is targeted towards lovers who want to stay in touch and talk much on phone. Cryptographic Basis.

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