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I airline and a member of the Cathy Pacific Group. Running business based on Marketing Con pet, to identify and satisfy customers’ needs. Provides traveling and cargo services on an Asian-regional basis, mainly business and lei sure travel service between Hong Kong and Mainland China. Description of the market DRP gainer operates in Hong Kong is a gateway and hub for traveling among Asia n Countries. People travel on business an d for pleasure. Through government’s soups art, the sophisticated Hong OK Eng International Airport allows airlines to provide efficient Aviva action services for satisfying the huge volume of passengers and cargos.

Hong Kong International Ai report Description of the market Dragon air operates in The traveling service market in Hong OK Eng is matured and the competition is eke Since focusing on Asian-regional destine actions, mainly Mainland China, the major competitors of Dragon’s are Singapore e Airlines, The China Eastern Airlines an d The China Southern Airlines. Macro Marketing Environment An allays for Dragooning Socio-cultural force 0 Increasing number of Hong Kong Poe plea find traveling as an entertainment 0 Taking short trips among Asian country sis. Especially during the long public holed says.

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Demographical force 0 Retired people have time and money to enjoy their retiring life by traveling. Macro Marketing Environment Anally sis for Dragooning Economic forces 0 Globalization causes businessmen commuting bet when their countries and China, Hong Kong is a g tideway. 0 China’s phenomenal economic growth makes via Zion demand grow very fast. 0 Continuous economy growth of China makes buss news travel to Mainland China will remain strong. 0 Global economy downturn influences the demand of premium flight class, as the result of companies outing their budget.

Natural forces 0 Fluctuation of oil price gives uncertainties s to Dragooning. The cost of fuel rose steak dilly from the middle of 2009. 0 Adverse weather in China. E. G. Dragon IR delayed or cancelled some of its flights to and from Beijing due to heavy snow in Jan. 2010. Micro Marketing Environment Ana lye’s for Dragooning Dragooning itself 0 Having good reputation of providing equal itty service, awarded by Ashtray. 0 Winning the Best Airline – China category y for six consecutive years. 0 Being recognized as the Best Regional Airline, in 2008, in the respect Ashtray p assenter survey.

Micro Marketing Environment An allays Supplier bargaining power 0 Dragooning is in a relatively weak position to deal with oil price fluctuation. Marketing channels 0 Dragooning markets its services through try valve agencies and Online Sale Systems 0 Being the channel captain in the relation with travel agencies. 0 Online Sales Systems, a platform is low cost and high efficient. 0 On the other hand, allows customers to do comparison for ticket price online. 0 Putting pressure on Dragon’s pricing strategy. Customers 0 Frequent travelers, on business or for plea sure. 0 Occasional travelers.

Seeking benefits and convenience. 0 Alternatives of traveling service available I n the market. 0 Switching cost is low. 0 Having relatively strong bargaining power. Major competitors of Dragon’s 0 Singapore Airlines also appraised with thee r service. 0 Adopting customer loyalty programs. E. G. UPS Club, similar to Dragooning does. 0 The China Southern Airlines and the China Eastern Airlines compete with low prices. 0 Safety, service quality and punctuality of AR e perceived relatively low. Dragooning has two market segments: First segment The people need to frequently travel among

Asian regions, both on business and for pleasure. 0 They want premium products and quality service sees, worth the money they spend on. 0 Strong spending power, relatively strong bargain inning power. 0 They are multi-tasking and time-starved. Need safe and punctual flights, good com animation skill of cabin staff and comfortable flight experience. Want to be rewarded, respected and privilege deed to ensure their money being spent value Frequent business travelers are solution-ROR enter. Want saving as well, because ticket fares AR e part of company expenditure. Second segment, occasional travelers.

They are money-constrained, watching their budge et. 0 Relatively price-sensitive. 0 Benefits and convenience seekers too. 0 Have time to plan their trips in prior. 0 Eager to compare tickets fares. 0 Being switchers of loyalty status, because switching g cost is low and availability of alternatives is big. Market Positioning of Dragooning Dragooning is an expert in providing quality y services, safe and punctual flights toss attics customers’ needs of traveling ammo Eng Asian-regional countries, with benefit s and convenience. Dragon’s Marketing Mix of r its target segments Products Differentiated itself by service quality. Focus on customers retention. 0 Product support service, e. G. Bundle packages, hotels. Prices 0 Reference pricing strategy for economy travel since Tara ailing services are similar among competitors. Customer s can do comparison easily. 0 Price-quality inferences pricing strategy, premium class try feels. Making customers feel Dragon’s service quality worth the money they spent. People 0 Understand people relationship is import ant in marketing. 0 Cultivate service-oriented culture. 0 Dragooning provides impressive service and infilling experience.

Commitment to give passengers the per sonar service and attention to detail, by d dedicated and professional cabin staff. Dragon’s Marketing Mix for it s target segments Promotions for frequent flyers: Customer retention Program for managing customer life-time value, building long-term relationship. Recognizing customers’ respectful status. Value added programs, Marco Polo Club and Asia Miles. 0 Program of Macro Polo Club to build customers’ status and privilege, classified into Diamond, Gold, Silver and regular members. 0 Exclusive benefits such as guaranteed flight seat and exec as baggage allowance

Promotions: Benefits of Macro Polo Club m embers 0 Dragooning rewards Macro P LOL Club members with excel jussive coverage of Mainland China and Cathy Pacifism’s worldwide network. 0 Dragooning affiliates with the [email protected] as strata CGI alliance. 0 Macro Polo Club is the most powerful airline loyalty club. Members Club Miles IP Tier Diamond Gold Silver Green 120,000 60,000 30,000 Club Sectors 20 4 (renewal only) enroll Memberships p Tier Emerald Sapphire Ruby Satisfying particular customers’ needs, Bringing them convenience. Businessmen are solution-oriented and time-starved.

Besides, Dragooning Preferred Account Program m launched for corporate customers. 0 For businessmen, program MICE (Meetings, I incentive travel, Conventions or Exhibitions). 0 Satisfy companies’ needs to save money from their Journeys. Entitled to rewards, Buss news check-in counters, accumulate and redeem one-class Upgrade Vouch hers and use discount v crouches. Help businessmen arrant GE their events in HAS. Provides the events apart captain with special fare s , from the destinations Dragooning flies. Demand Management to boost the sale 0 Launch regular and seasonal promotions.

For adding value to Dragon’s service. 0 Asia Miles encourages re-purchase dragon’s service 0 Program allows them be rewarded by accumulating an d redeeming Asia Miles. For e. G. , use Asia Miles for ext RA-legroom seats. 0 Bundled service, Dragooning Holiday Packages give Tara leers an extensive range of tailor-made air plus hotels a ND activities. Recommendations for Dragon’s M racketing Strategy Maintaining service quality 0 Continue to deliver benefits better than its competitors. 0 The products, traveling services, Dragon IR provides are similar to its competitors’.

Dragooning required to outperformed the competitors in two ways, managing expert once qualities and credence qualities of it s products. 0 Infilling service is high contact that can be easily assessed by the passengers, the d agree of their satisfactions and pleasure. 0 Make customers believe Dragon’s serve CE is best through the whole process of m racketing, e. G. From booking tickets to travel Ling back. Dragooning Wins Ashtray ‘World’s Best Regis Anal Airline’ Award in May 2010 Packages for retired senior citizens 0 Encourage them to travel of r pleasure during the low SE son because they can spec ND their time more flexibly. Luxury and comfortable Sour news to them because of the Eire strong spending power. Suggestion: Buy one in peak season and get one free in low season, for Economy Premium Class. Choose who to fly with, external search for information Recommendations for Dragon’s Ma reeking Strategy Referral programmer People always do external s reach for information for purr chase decisions, friends’ and relatives’ opinion is a reliable source. Combining with quality serve sec, provides rewards to the customers introducing Drag Nair to their friends. Suggestion: Extra Mileage for Asian Miles and Macro Polo Club as rewards.

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