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What Faded strengths provide it an advantage against UPS? The biggest advantage that Faded had over UPS high speed internet tracking system that provides easier and better tracking service for all customers Including large businesses. UPS did not have this technology the time Faded had It, UPS only had their trucking service meanwhile Faded invested in their tracking systems as well as their alarm delivery system that contain tracking systems too. 2.

Was It a good Idea for Faded to follow UPS Into the “trucking business? I believe It was because UPS was offering competition to Faded because they were guaranteeing on time delivery service three days after and order or money back guarantee. When Faded decided to offer ground delivery, shippers and customers using Faded Home Delivery and Faded Ground (business to business) would be able to call up the same website that Feeder’s air express customers used to track packages (Gain, Haley, 2009).

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Faded believes that this is their strength. 3. What impact will the Internet have on the shipping business? The Internet became n essential tool for delivery service because it allows for customers to track and see the whereabouts of their packages. Margins should rise, as Internet would boost the flow of boxes to apartments and suburbs. According to UPS, business delivers in the late morning and residential in the afternoon Cain, Haley, 2009).

Density scale were a big part of this. 4. If you were an investor would you invest in Faded or UPS? Why? In my best Judgment, I will choose Faded because they offer whatever it takes to give what a company demands. According to the article, Cisco wanted precisely timed livery service and choosing between UPS and Faded, UPS did not give the amount of enthusiasm as Faded. The problem for Cisco was that a big client might order 100 routers at a time.

Cisco wanted for their customers to receive their orders on time (Gain, Haley, 2009). Faded could easily coordinate shipments when Coco’s factories were running smoothly. Faded spent 100 million on a project to avoid Cisco to spend money on inventory kept In warehouses and If successful, It meant system changes and ripping up the physical plant and changing how drivers did things and take away the need for warehouses.

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