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They hired big faces like Karen Captor,Fad Khan, Inman All, Taft Slam, Sonoma Captor and Ditty Roy Captor for their advertisement. People actually got themselves Noir phones Just because Karen Captor or Fad Khan was endorsing it. This celebrity endorsement promoted the brand name in a very positive way and Gumboil succeeded in achieving a huge customer base in Pakistan along with a strong brand name. This celebrity endorsement also helped in gaining resale value for Gumboil devices.

By hiring international celebrities to endorse their products Gumboil ended up making a name in the international market and if rumors are to be believed Angelina Joliet is going to be the next brand ambassador of Gumboil. Now imagine Angelina Joliet saying “l Noir. Do you? ” A celebrity like Angelina Joliet endorsing for a Pakistan made product is for sure going to be a proud moment for the nation. Gumboil used the concept of product placement in their marketing strategy. For example the TV serial Bulla was promoting Gumboil products.

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There is no cost involved in such kind of advertising but it creates awareness among the people. People with a strong fan following tried convincing the fans to try Gumboil products as the company is Pakistani. Gumboil gave free gift hampers too large number of people at different occasions. The Emir Alicia and the Jungian Gumshoed show during he month of Ramadan is an example. The tagging ” Ye Gumboil pack huh” became famous due to these shows. All these factors helped Gumboil distinguish them from the Chinese market. They worked hard to build a good image in the market.

They placed their products in the minds of the customers as good quality and technologically sophisticated products at low prices. They have come a long way to be compared with big brands like Apple, ETC and Samsung. A heavy marketing campaign has also helped the company build a strong brand name. “Gumboil is a success story, especially in terms of branding,” a telecoms consultant said. Its advertising budget is higher than even that of market leader Monika, an official revealed. The company has even used product placement as an advertising technique to promote its products.

Take, for example, Bulla: a primetimes sitcom, which often promotes Gumboil products, one source pointed out. “This kind of advertising does not cost much, and earns the company valuable marketing: that too in prime time hours,” he said. Moreover, Gumboil has always used Pakistanis hottest celebrities in advertising its products. Pop singers Taft Slam and Barbara Has have promoted Gumboil phones in the past. Inman All has modeled for them. Hugely popular television celebrity Fatwa Khan is now promoting their top-tier Noir smartness.

All these factors have helped Gumboil make a name for itself as being in a league apart from the cheap Chinese copies of popular handsets currently circulating in the market. It has achieved a measure of respect as a legitimate name in the cellular phone industry. But as I said that marketing is one part of the CEO system, the other strategies which are in line with marketing to give proper support to our claim include technologically advanced mobile sets with excellent service, customer care, and attractive prices that re comparable to world renowned foreign brands.

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