Marketing Strategy Assignment

Marketing Strategy Assignment Words: 600

According to the company’s CEO J. D. Frisson, current company’s growth strategy is based on performing the business operations in domestic market (Frisson, 2012)Where company provide the solutions for customers and wide range of waste management activities and services regarding waste collection, recycling, consulting, composting and street cleaning which represents company’s main source of income.

However, since the main company’s activities are performed in domestic market which is small and serviced by few strong competitors company ‘stop management is engendering the possibilities for expanding its business operation in foreign markets. According to the J. D. Fran son main goals of company’s future internationalization process are: * to achieve growth * expand their business operations and establish presence and strong position in foreign market * establishing new contacts and business relations with foreign customers(Frisson, 2012) .

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Main reasons for internationalization according to the company’s representative are: * growth possibilities in foreign markets * small domestic market * to use its existing experience in foreign markets (Frisson, 2012) . After conducting the interview with company’s representative, it is possible to conclude that company’s motives for internationalization are mostly reactive and are results of increased competitive pressure in its home market.. Len its internationalization process the company is willing to invest certain financial resources and its expertise and knowledge .

The company’s CEO has expressed his interest in conducting preliminary research of selected foreign markets conducted by author of this thesis and in establishing preliminary contacts with potential local partners in target market. The company is willing to consider possibility to enter one of the selected markets in Eastern Europe recommended by author of this research. Because of the limited 14 financial resources, the company considers to enter only one of selected markets in selected Balkan countries.

MaJor focuses of company’s business expansion are undeveloped waste management markets in East European countries. The main reason for entering these countries is potential growth possibilities that company can achieve by entering these foreign Markets. These countries have undeveloped waste management systems and have good potential for investing in development of efficient waste management system and recycling practices. Their potential reflects in term of large amount of collected and disposed recyclable waste that can be recycled and reused.

All these countries have recognized the benefits of modern waste management practices and are willing to invest and Join efforts with potential foreign partners in development of their waste management system and environment protection practices. Investing in the development of waste management of these Eastern European countries represents retreat possibility for silences G??mafia??algaҐ with its experience and knowledge in the Title AT modern waste management practices Ana environmental consulting.

According to the company’s representative the main company’s weakness for its future internationalization process is its lack of international experience (Frisson, 2012). Entering the foreign markets in Eastern European countries represents potential risk for the company without previous international experience. Even though, company’s representative has expressed his commitment for internationalization, commitment of top management to enter the foreign market by itself it is not enough for successful foreign market entry.

In order to enter foreign market the company would need to conduct detailed research of selected markets, gather all necessary market information and conduct analysis of all external and internal factors that might have influence on company’s foreign operation. Considering the company’s lack of international experience it is possible to conclude that company’s main threat is coming from inexperience regarding investing in foreign markets and the threats from local competitors in the selected foreign market.

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