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Marketing Strategies A company with outstanding product excellence is Kerri, a subsidiary of Kerri Green Mountain. This product brews single-serve cups of coffee, tea, and hot chocolate. The Survive was released to the public in 2012, which gave consumers their choice of cup size, temperature, and brew strength. As well as the Roll, which was the first single-cup espresso system. This company also sells “K-Cups” for household, as well as commercial use, in stores across the US such as Wall-Mart, Target, and other grocery shops.

These K-Cups can be used in any of the Kerri canines, and offer hundreds of flavors and brands. The market leader In single- serve brewer systems, Kerri owns about 70 percent of the market share. Tremendously, in the overall U. S. Coffee Category, Kerri has an 18. 8 percent market share. Their innovative and commercial product development helps make them a leader In product excellence. Nasty Gal Is a business that shows outstanding operational excellence. Founded only in 2006, Nasty Gal founder and CEO, Sophia Amorous has built a 100+ million dollar company from an eBay store she started on her own selling vintage clothing.

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Nasty Gal Is now a huge online retailer selling fashion-forward new and vintage apparel, shoes, and accessories for young women. In her book, #GIRLHOODS, Amorous tells how she built her successful business on pleasing the customer. Nasty Gal prides itself on easy returns, including refunds or store credit, which is a big bonus for an online retailer. From personal experience, I can say Nasty Gal has incredible customer service , with fast delivery, and quick and easy returns. Their shipping Is fast, affordable, and orders over $75 Include free shipping; not to mention they ship international.

They have great relations with their suppliers, and overall operational excellence and it shows through their fast, efficient product delivery. Warty Parker has created a strong brand for Itself with great customer excellence. They’re alma Is to, “offer designer aware at a revolutionary price, while leading the way for socially-conscious businesses” (Workplace. Com). This is how they obtain loyal customers. While other designer aware companies may sell a pair of glasses anywhere from $200-400, Warty Parker starts their quality frames at Just $95.

Recently a customer myself, I was Incredibly Impressed with the lightning-fast service Warty Parker provided. They offer in-store eye exams for only $75, and your selected prescription glasses come in within just a few days (or quicker if expedited! ). They send email updates about where your glasses are, and how soon they will be delivered to you – free of shipping charge! They also offer a year long warranty on the lenses, and lifetime adjustments in-stores. If you’re ordering online, they will send you five pairs of glasses FREE Just to try on, and see what you like.

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