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We have also tried to cover the observation and analysis of the competition In the Hotel Management and Hospitality Business in Nepal. This Project will surely prove to be beneficial for us to have wide horizon in not only the management study but also in the most important sector I. E. Tourism Sector of Nepal. As Nepal is the one of the attractive and tourist destination place and growing in number of tourist inflow in the country. It is providing the market and Increasing the opportunities to hotel Industry and helping to create the employment.

So, Tourism sector Is becoming the most attractive and potential Job seeking field in Nepal. For this there would be needed the experienced and qualified manpower in the industry that can be produced from college like MATH which give the quality education and training to the students. This report presents the overall analysis of company’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats known as SOOT Analysis. It involves monitoring the external and internal marketing environment.

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And also Include the Potter;s Five Forces Analysis to analyze the competitive market of MATH. Objective of the study The main objective of our study is * To know the growing market of Hotel and Tourism industry in Nepal and importance and usefulness of academic programs being provided by colleges in the Industry. * To analyze the market opportunities and position the MATH Is gallon In the Industry through Its quality education and focusing on need of the market demand. To find out the threats or competition MATH is facing and may face due to the demand of more qualified manpower in the industry and mushrooming hotel management colleges and training centers in Nepal. Limitation of the study * Time limitation was one of the major Limitations of our study. Due to the Limitation of time, we could not collect the extra data and have a good information. Our analysis was merely based on the information collected from the single concerned authority. So information could be one sided and may contain flaws.

Major Findings In this report, competitive analysis of the MATH was analyzed. And It was found that manpower in domestic market and international market that produces the quality manpower needed in the market with the quality education and trainings. Intense competition from the numbers of competitors in the market. So MATH is developing its resources continuously and also building its own internship or training house with 4-star Hotel to compete and as a added facility to be more practical focused. Maintaining its own benchmark from the very beginning of its establishment and working cooperatively with the industry players to facilitate the student them with practical knowledge and Job focused. * Helping hands in the development of Hotel and Tourism industry in Nepal. Recommendations Based on the findings mentioned above following recommendations are proposed: Political instability is the major problem in Nepal and it also affect the MATH with the frequent changes in the managing bodies that hampers and delays the implementation of the different programs and projects according to the plan.

So should maintain the governing body so that political instability may not affect the programs. * Growing hotel and tourism industry creating the employment opportunities and needed a qualified manpower. So MATH can increase its capacity by opening the new branch under the own management in different parts of the entry that helps the interested candidate to enter into the industry. * Faculty turnover is the one major problem.

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