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Describe various elements of the marketing process for Moraines Cookies. Marketing Process I) Situation Analysis In this process, this is the first step for organization to set-up or analyses the market environment where in this step it is crucial for organization to determine the potential to market and produce the most suitable product toward customer in order to gain profit. A) PEST analysts Where in this cases Moraines applying the PEST analysis where Moraines able to enter global market due to their company able to determine the external factor and fulfill different taste of international customer.

Before Moraines cookies start-up the business, it is crucial for Moraines company to analyses and understand their own organization capabilities and what customer desire before operating so that Moraines company able to avoid any unnecessary expenses and aim for the customer desire in this cases in food industry area, where we can see that Moraines cookies are more focusing on cookies which gives a unique taste where the customer can taste festive cookies daily and even Moraines cookies able to entering internationally market able to fulfill the international customer taste even there are tots of others competitor out there such as Famous Ammos, Craft, and Munch. It) Marketing Strategy Marketing strategy is apply after the organization discover what customer needs where the marketing strategy concept is to understanding the customer and satisfy their needs better than the competition and it important to understand that different customer have their own different taste and desire so it is hard to satisfy all customer by treating them equally so by applying suitable strategy in the market it is possible to attract most customer as possible due even value of one customer is very valuable awards organization.

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The organization also must care regarding the other factor that might affect the marketing strategy which involves: I) Market Segmentation ii) Targeting ( target market selection) iii) Positioning the product within the target market iv) Value proposition to the target market a) Market Segmentation In market segmentation it is important to determine the segmentation for the organization product to be marketed in and one of the identification of portions of the market that are differentiate from one another where it allows the organization to Lully maximize customer potential desire. Base on the discovery that have been found it seem like in market segmentation area the Moraines cookies apply the Behaviorist’s, and Cryptographic Segmentation I) Behaviorist’s As we can see Moraines cookies produce a festive cookies that consumer can even eat on daily activity which show the concept where customer who desire to eat cookies on Hair Ray festival also can buy the Moraines and enjoy the festive cookies on daily. T) Cryptographic In this segment we can see that Moraines cookies more focusing on group of nonuser who interested in low price and love to enjoy cookies as their daily snack but what make Moraines cookies different from the famous cookies company such as Famous Ammos, Munch, and Craft is the unique taste of homemade festive cookies that attract consumer and create a brand loyalty among the consumer. B) Targeting Is a process where the company focusing their product in the certain area in order to attract as many as customer so that unintentionally the company can trigger the brand loyalty inside the consumer mentality. In this case Moraines applying the market specialization method: I) Market specialization In market specialization where company focusing on their main product capabilities such as Moraines cookies company even though their company has other types of product but still their company is more focusing on cookies where they produce a homemade festive cookies for the customer that desire to eat festive cookies daily. ) Marketing Mix Decision In this segment it is crucial for company determine the controllable parameters such as promotion, pricing, and product development where Moraines cookies produce also produce other types of product such as spice, frozen food, cakes and redeemed sacking food where display that Moraines cookies company are able to sell and manage other types of product beside of cookies segment. Father more Moraines Cookies pricing product also make advantages where their price product are much more acceptable and affordable towards mostly consumer compare other types of company such as Famous, Munches, and Craft. D) Implementation and Control In this process the company maintain and control the product that has been launched whether from aspect the quality of the product or others.

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