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Your marketing strategy must begin with a narrow definition of your perfect client and then communicating your key points of difference from your competitors. Stop trying to be all things to everyone. Concentrate your efforts on a small, niche market and with a focus on becoming the dominant player. (read Strategy Before Tactics. Always! ) 2) Narrow market focus – Stop trying to be all things to everyone. Focus your marketing strategy and tactics on a small, niche market and become the dominant player. Differentiate ; Find and communicate a hook that allows your prospects to easily see how your firm is different from everyone else in the industry. (read The Form Factor) 4) Marketing materials should educate – No one likes to be sold to. Create information products, websites and other forms of communications that allow your prospects to fully appreciate your expertise. 5) Orchestrate the lead generation trio – A comprehensive business marketing strategy will have a fully functioning lead enervation system in place.

A large portion of your leads can originate as referrals, but by adding advertising and public relations to your system, you amplify your efforts in each. When a prospect comes into contact with your advertising message, reads about your new product in a trade Journal, and then gets invited to your educational workshop by their accountant, they’ve practically sold themselves. 6) Create a total online presence – Since the majority of purchase decisions made today involve some amount of research online, it’s simply not enough to have just a website.

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Today’s business must be easily found online, easily engaged, and easy to communicate with. This requires a major focus on search engine optimization and social media participation. (see How to Create a Total Online Presence) 7) Live by a business marketing calendar – The best way to move your marketing strategy forward Is to create a calendar and schedule marketing activities every single day, week. And month.

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