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What are brands have in common ? -internationally-based airlines What so great about each brand? (how different) Do they serve same / different target audience? Malaysia Airlines or Air Asia? We have the answer. If you have flown to a destination either for business or leisure, you will know that flying is no fun especially when there are so many procedures and processes to go through. To make matters worse, certain airlines make it so much more difficult for you as they have all types of weird restrictions.

Malaysian would be very much aware that they can now fly Air Asia, a low-budget airline as their tickets are more affordable. However, after many experiences and countless complaints, Malaysian would surely prefer to fly the national flag carrier Malaysia Airlines (MASS) instead of Air Asia for many reasons. If you can afford it, you will surely fly MASS. Food In MASS, food is usually provided. When it is included in the price of the flight, chances are you will not complain.

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In fact, it has been found that food provided on- board MASS flights are quite good. On the other hand, Air Asia charges you for every single thing you consume. While the food is not cheap, if you are unlucky, you might not even get what you want because they might have run out of stock. Baggage This is perhaps the biggest problems that passengers face when flying Air Asia. You only get 1 eggs in a standard flight. Anything more than that would be chargeable. In fact, if you excess even Gig, you will be charged.

Paying OROMO++ for a few additional kegs is totally absurd and unreasonable. In MASS, a few kegs are usually fine and there is no charged imposed. Air Asia is very strict when it comes to what you can and cannot bring into the cabin while MASS is more relaxed in every way. Seats The seats in MASS are very well maintained and larger than that in Air Asia which are small, tight and very uncomfortable. It seems like Air Asia is trying to install more seats into their planes by using smaller chairs so that they can maximize their income.

On top of that, you will have to pay to choose the seats that you want, a service which is unheard of with airlines like MASS. Schedule MASS flights are known to be on-time and seldom has any delays. On the other hand, flying with Air Asia is almost synonymous with delays because it happens all the time. The common reaction among passengers is that flying Air Asia will most likely have a Ella. Service The overall service between Air Asia and MASS differs tremendously.

It is as if through Air Asia, you are being penalized for wanting cheap tickets that they treat you as if you are in a bus terminal. The queues to check-in are long despite having the online check-in facility. MASS on the other hand is a lot more convenient and comfortable. One thing for sure, you need not walk a few kilometers to get to the plane under the hot sun or the rain the way you do in Air Asia flights. It is a big wonder why Air Asia wins awards when they provide horrendous services like those mentioned above.

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