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Analysis of market Situation As we look into the market of under developed countries, more opportunities are prevailing in an economy to capture a large market share and in return capture value in return. Desserts are specially the main target raked for this geographic region like India and Pakistan. The person in this region uses sweet meats to share happiness, in celebration, in occasion, like festivals, in wedding, in parties or in our daily life. IGLOO has loses its important position, because of not focusing the needs and wants of target market and their sales goes down by down.

TO recaptures the market share IGLOO have to first identify their important areas through which they easily attract large number of people and seize their original position. In the product life cycle strategies igloo is in the stage of decline. If we don’t revivalist our product or bring changes in it according to consumer needs and wants Igloo Company has to close its operation. Introduction Ice cream signifies merriment, happiness, and joy and is cherished by all people belongs to any age group. It is source of great delightedness With unique combination of nutritious ingredient like cream, milk, butter, fruits and nuts.

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We believe that people need small moment to share happiness in their lives and ice cream is the best source for providing and enjoying their life at fullest. Companies have been trying to find new and better ways to raked and make their product for the first choice of their consumer. Back ground Pakistan dairy product, “IGLOO” ice cream is a pioneer manufacturer of Pakistan and operating since 1974. The company operates from Karachi; however its distribution networks cover a vast area of Sins and Appalachians.

Out of largely consumed range of scrumptious product, the supreme ice cream range is a market winner with its multitude of exceptional and unmatched flavors. IGLOO provides ice cream with three different channels which are: Tricycles Retail outlets Igloo parlors MARKET: Ice cream industry is growing more rapidly. Consumer living in this geographic climate faces a hot weather that’s why ice cream industry have a lot of potential and producers gain from this opportunity prevailing in market and capture consumer pocket easily after satisfying their needs.

The market share enjoys by this more than 75%. Now days More ice cream are doing continuous marketing effort to attract large number of people through massive advertising campaign. Our marketing strategies are directs to be used product leadership strategy, which means provide superior quality by offering contain souse stream of leading edge prod cuts. Economic environment Purchasing power of a consumer depends upon economic condition of the country in which you are operating.

Pakistan is going through recession in this type of economy people cannot spent their part of income easily on that types of goods like (ice cream) because these things are not coming under the head of necessities. Our company IGLOO will consider the entire above mention factor and will price their entire range with affordability Demographic environment After analyzing the consumer preference, people want unique flavors that are different from the all the companies were making. So IGLOO maintains and design unique favors according to taste of people and introduces special flavor of ice cream “igloo cake ice cream”.

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