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Print services is a $4 billion dollar industry (Fishbowls, 2013) and that is Just from print services. The firm offers graphic design services which are a $9 billion dollar industry (Fishbowls, 2013) and web design services which are a $20 billion dollar industry (Fishbowls, 2013) that keeps growing and growing as citizens strive to become their own bosses from virtual companies. From little mom and pop shops to the big corporations that sit and wait on the perches of the wind to blow through the racket and take the business that could be had by smaller businesses if they had something more to offer than the more seasoned counterparts.

The market for printing, digital media, graphic design and anything visual is a never ending market. There is also the future addition of the event planning sector of the business that will add yet another revenue incentive for the company. SOOT Analysis – the biggest internal strength of the company as a whole when it comes to marketing what they have to offer is that there are so many services that re provided is that you will not find within many print services organizations. The bulk of the organization is the in-house graphic design and web design services that work hand in hand with the printing services that are offered.

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The prestige of having a designer on-site who can consult and create custom designs on demand is something that the bigger competition will not be able to match. The weakness of the firm is that they do not have enough manpower to handle really big Jobs that the bigger companies can and would have to contract outside assistance to assist with bobs that are of large capacity. The irony in all of this which can be a positive attribute to the firm is that with outside assistance the Jobs would be completed Just as quickly had they been if they were done by the big corporations and franchises such as the competitors.

The only way that the firm can turn this around is as if they deliver in a timely fashion with the same level of quality and service that the others will. The threats to the firm being successful in business are very minimal because no one will be able to match the level of service and the services offered to the public. The opportunities for acquiring an astronomical amount of business is astounding because there is a sector of potential customers out there that has not been ventured very much.

The small business owners are a pool waiting to be jumped into because it takes a personal touch and a commitment to the little man that will be affordable and seem cost efficient in the success of their business if they utilize the companies services Competition – Faded Office Kink’s, Ricoh and Staples are among some of the big competitors when it comes to printing and copy shop services. They provide high illume services with many locations to serve the customer and offer the customer the option to copy their own documents and images.

The mom and pop shops offer the same services as “Let Me Market You” and they face the same challenges in terms of high volume copying and printing. If the competitor is not going to be able to offer the same level tot service, quality and custom Jobs like the tall that I am representing then they will always be unmatched in terms of product, sales and service. The bigger competition offers sales of stationary, print service needs and food items. This s something that this firm has to upstage. They can sell food products, custom stationary, they will also be able to offer complimentary coffee, tea, water with the services that they provide.

They can also offer access to computers when the customer needs to utilize the service. There are also competitors that provide faxing, mail shipment etc and this can also be something that is offered with the company if not already offered. Product (Service) Offering – printing services are a necessity because everything is visual art. We will always need for copying and printing. When you do not have the mime to do it yourself or the consumer Just does not know how to get the task done they will always consult or retain the services of a printing services company.

The advantage of having the work done by professionals is that you will get what you need in terms of service. The disadvantage of having someone do the work for you is you will have to pay for something that you could have possible done at home. This firm will provide commercial printing, custom printing, digital printing services, graphic and web design. The company will also be expanding with their sister company designable. The sister company will assist with the products that are provided which include brochures, banners, posters, flyers, signs and so much more.

There will also be an event planning leg of the operation that is going to be in the works at a later date. Keys to Success – the most important factors to making the marketing plan successful is innovation and growing with the times. You have to be able to provide services that not too many organizations offer or not at all. You want to be exclusive in some right. With the incorporation of print services, graphic design services, web design services ND event planning this company will be a quadruple threat to it’s competitors.

Providing these types of services make them second to none and no one will be able to compete with the business aspect of this organization because it will be in a league of it’s own. As technology becomes more advanced so will the companies brand, eventually transitioning into the virtual reality world and hologram delivery. Critical Issues – promoting the services of the company is as simple as a flyer, a business card, a placard, poster, banner or any other visual design whether it be internet or advertisement that lets the consumer know what they are offering in terms of service.

Being able to acquire the clientele needed to keep the company on the staying power streak will be a challenge because you have to get noticed. When people think of copies and printing the first thing they say usually is Kink’s and this is something that the firm will find as big competition however if the advertising is strong. If the website has a great presence and the social media coverage works to the advantage of the firm then they should not have any problem becoming successful.

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