Marketing Operation of Kawran Bazar Assignment

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All kinds of vegetables, fish, rice and other commodities are supplied to the small markets from here. At the end of eighteenth century Koran Sings, a Miramar merchant, first established the bazaar. It was later extended and developed Into 1255 stores, of which 55 are owned by Dacha City Corporation. Also there are hundreds of small temporary shops In and around the market. There Is no holiday In this market, which operates 24 hours a day. Early morning Is the peak hour for the wholesale and fish markets.

Starting at 12 A. M, all night the vegetables and goods come from around the country. Many trucks and pick-ups carry and bring commodities here from different places. The gathering of clients becomes concentrated In the early morning, around 4-7 o’clock, when the small markets open. The market has separate blocks for wholesale trade In fish, vegetables and rice. The Hypothesis This paper has been prepared under the perspective of SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT system In particular to vegetable market of Koran Bazaar.

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This paper will highlight the various aspects of this vegetable market, supply system, price of dally vegetable commodities, their market share, reasons for price hike, imprison with International market and whether superstores can play effective role In keeping the price of the vegetables reasonable and stable In Bangladesh. Methodology This paper has been prepared basing on various data collected from related persons In the vegetables market both wholesale and retail sellers.

Some the Study Area: Koran Bazaar is located in between of Frigate and Bangle Motor area. It has Pantograph on its south and Shaded Dazing Sharing on the west. Offices of many government agencies, autonomous bodies and big companies are now located in the area surrounding the market. Pan Pacific Hotel Snapdragon is located at one end of the market. Fig : Location of Koran Bazaar Main Selling Commodities of Koran Bazaar – Context Vegetable Koran Bazaar operates as the main hub of vegetables supply.

Every kind of vegetables are traded here, among them the major winter vegetables are : Cabbage White Radish Cauliflower Hyacinth bean Tomato Bottle gourd Eggplant Carrot Major summer vegetables are : Pumpkin Okra Bitter gourd Yard-long bean Teasel gourd Spinach Ribbed gourd Red Spinach Ash gourd Contribution Of The Main Selling Items On Total Commodities: The percentages of he main selling items in terms of vegetables on total commodities are given below.

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