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The purpose of this essay is to evaluate Greenroom’s criticisms that the marketing mix theory has restricted marketers the way to study marketing and consider about the complex situation in the marketplace. The paper begins by reviewing the relevant literatures on the Greenroom’s criticisms of the marketing mix. It will examine Greenroom’s different criticisms on the marketing mix and compare others’ relevant opinions with Grandson’s to evaluate whether the ups framework becomes the toolkit approach for thinking. The discussion highlights three separate cases studies o support the criticisms from Gridirons and one to oppose that.

The emergence of mass media technology outmoded the ups marketing mix model in this new era. Analyzing the limitations of this model, first of all, this simple pattern concentrates on production-selling In temporary, which puts consumers In a passive position. Moreover, it Ignores the various external environment, which limits the scope of the marketing mix to cover all variables (Gordon, 2012). However, the dominated position of the ups theory in the marketing education is the main reason to push businessmen to view the marketplace in a fixed way.

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Therefore, the evaluation of the ups marketing mix paradigm is discussed as follows. There are three points, which have been warned by Grosses to correctly the marketing mix with ups, mentioned emphasizing the Importance of establishing relationship marketing in the following section. Firstly, marketing management personnel might change their concepts from a short- period business to a long-lasting relationship with their clients, not only follow the marketing mix administration mode with Its ups.

Grosses (1994) claims that both “promise” and “trust” are vital components for firms to set up an Interactive legislations with customers in the long run, rather than one-time and passive sales transaction. Similarly, E. Constantine (2006) agrees with Greenroom’s point by emphasizing that the core of all marketing activities might rely on the various requirements of consumers and establish consumer loyalty. Moreover, it is more important to pay attention to how to make consumers satisfied than what products Microsoft Corporation develops a new product-Window XP, which is provided with more functions than that of Window 95.

All of its functions, including “quick access to an easy-to-use browser that has a button that starts Microsoft’s Windows Media Player”, “instant-messaging” and “Internet mail service”(Cravens and Pierce, 2003, p. 552), center around the convenience to their target consumers. It also produces a dramatic growth number of the total consumers. Thus, making efforts to establish a long-lasting relationship with the consumers is helpful to maintain current customers and to create new customers. Secondly, service plays an increasing essential role in today’s marketing competition.

Grosses (1994) argues that service management is crucial for corporations to learn and manage, because it is an important intangible product and performances in averse forms. Additionally, service management contributes to strengthen an enterprise’s competitiveness and increase consumers’ attractiveness. In the same way, Gumminess (1989) stresses that controlling the high quality of service is an effective way to improve the relationship between corporations and consumers. Then building greater corporate images among consumers and strengthening the corporate competitiveness.

For example, the success of Enterprise Rent-A-Car might be attributed to “an extensive network of neighborhood locations serving the ‘home- city market” (Cravens and Pierce, 2003, p. 69). The firm devotes itself to investigate what the real problems are confronted by consumers, furthermore to provide suitable services to their target clients. Hence, this is the reason why the “home-city’ tactic could help Rent-A-Car to capture more than half of market shares in the fierce competitions. Hence, it could be seen what type of services offered by companies might influence a firm’s success to some extent.

Lastly, since there are large numbers of changeable factors included in the entire marketing process, the marketing strategy becomes necessary for corporations to master. Grosses (1994) proposes that the marketing static, including “time perspective, dominating marketing function, price elasticity, dominating quality dimension, the role of internal marketing” and so on, could be utilized in relational marketing management, because of the complexity of the marketing circumstances (Grosses, 1994, up. 11).

Likewise, Gordon (2012) supports Greenroom’s opinion by claiming that relational marketing is consisting of numerous pertinent elements, from internal situations to external environments, all of them need to be taken into consideration by marketing personnel. For instance, given an increasing significance f the retail, the Slenderness Corporation intends to expand its brand’s influence (Cravens and Pierce, 2003). It makes efforts to advertise its image and brand, rather than engage in price competition. In fact, customers prefer to pay more to gain extra values instead of cheap and poor quality commodities.

In other words, it reduces customers’ sensitivity of the price. Furthermore, contributed to the appropriate marketing strategy, the corporation expands its market to Germany, France and US. Therefore, it is important for firms to analyze all relevant factors and carry out the appropriate marketing static. Search. At the same time, what Grosses has been proposed to set up a relationship, rather than follow the naive model, is not comprehensive enough to adapt to the changing environment in nowadays. The theory of marketing mix is easy to remember and utilize.

The obvious advantage of the ups method is that the skeleton frame has been used for helping businessmen to understand and explore the marketplace in practice for a long time Cobber, 2001 cited in Constantine, 2006). In addition, the marketing mix, as the elementary theory in the marketing, improves the progress of the marketing management (Raffia ND Aimed, 1995 cited in Constantine, 2006). What is more, the key role of information and diversified distributions would not be neglected during the marketing management.

According to Grosses (1994), the major problem of the marketing mix is the product-oriented marketing, but the customer-oriented marketing. Thus, it is necessary to establish a long-lasting relationship with their customers. However, Schultz and Dive (2012) maintain that how to gain useful information and which channel is more convenient for consumers to purchase commodities play crucial roles in modern explosive media and fast-food RA. Taking L’Oreal Underlain B. V. For example (Cravens and Pierce, 2003), L’Oreal aims to introduce new products labeled on the new brand to expand its current market shares.

In order to introduce the commodities to consumer market successfully, it researches numerous useful information to investigate the current market, including what kind of commodities customers would like to accept easier, how to develop and expand the commodities line, what about the proposals given by the distributors and so on. Then L’Oreal establishes a number of diverse channels to attics different customers’ requirements, from shopping malls to chemist’s shops. As a result, L’Oreal captures larger market shares by expanding applicable distributions.

Thus, effective marketing management is based on the ability of achieving useful information and the diversity of appropriate sale-channels. This essay implies that rather than strictly following the ups marketing mix pattern, marketing personnel could comprehend and research all relevant elements of the marketing circumstances, then they ought to think in a critical way and seek an appropriate theory to fit the specific situation. With the more important position of customers in the current marketplace, the more shortcomings of the ups marketing mix theory are exposed to today’s marketing place.

The marketing mix needs to be replaced by relationship marketing proposed by Grosses (1994), which intends to explore more approaches to establish relational connection with consumers, rather than “one-off transactions” (Gordon, 2012, Pl 24). Furthermore, considering its limitations of plain pattern and product-orientation, the significant role of setting up relational marketing cannot be overlooked (Grosses, 1994). Therefore, it is necessary to aim at the latest marketing concept to cater for the new breaking the constraints of the fixed thinking pattern.

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