Marketing Mix Strategies Related with Target Assignment

Marketing Mix Strategies Related with Target Assignment Words: 290

In addition we have chosen to keep the same branding logo consumers can easily recognize it from among other companies’ logos We want to show the consumers that we are a green company, and our logo and 100% recycled packaging reinforce that message ; TV contains no harmful batteries that are often found In these types of electronic devices. It Is 100% blob degradable when thrown away In the garbage. This type of environmental stewardship will be well received by the concerned CEO shoppers. Services ; Our TV will be playing at select retailers across the nation during its introductory eroded.

Shoppers will be able to experience the difference first hand and use all of the features and functions of TV while they are shopping in the store (Future Shop, Walter, Target etc…. ) Our TV Is unique In that it includes faceplate (a popular feature for ‘phones) which allows you to talk with video with other Phone users, eye tracking to know who is controlling the TV with memory storage for certain number of authorized people to use It, It can also be connected to the door bell with a regular camera on the outside so that you know who is entering and leaving your place.

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This will be optimized for the go. New Product Development Process We will be introducing this to our current Apple product users who will receive this product very well as this market segment will be where the most number of first adopters will arise from ; By allowing consumers to get a first glance look at our most advanced technological product yet, we will gauge the consumer’s interest and increase sales and profits when we first introduce this incredible product.

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