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Product BaWang Man’s Anit-hair Fall Shampoo Introduction The BaWang Man’s Anti-hair Fall Shampoo combines ancient Chinese wisdom with modern pharmacology and biotechnology to bring optimum hair care results to consumers. And this is effective to prevent the hair fall problem. Market Segmentation 1. Demographic segmentation Age: Over 30 years old Gender: Male Income: Middle income level Race: Chinese??? 2. Psychographic segmentation – Lifestyle The people who trust Chinese herbs more than western medicine and avoiding chemical products. 3. Behavioral segmentation – Benefit

The customers can prevent hair fall after used this shampoo. They can have greater confidence and better image since he would not suffer from hair fall problem. Consider personal health Target customer Over 30 years old men, who are middle income level, preventing hair fall problem. User Status: Potential users, regular users 4Ps 1. Product I am going to talk about the product of marketing mix for these shampoos. Product is plays a principle roles in marketing mix. Now, I would like to elaborate by levels of product and product classification. First, I want to talk about the BAWANG Man’s Anit-hair Fall Shampoo.

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The core benefit of the shampoo is that the customers can prevent hair fall problems after they use. The actual product of the shampoo: The outlook of the package is black and golden, which can give customer a noble, mysterious and grand image. On the other hand, there is a spokesman who is Jacky Chan on the package. And the name ‘BAWANG’ can give customers a powerful and royal image. For the product classifications, we think it is a specialty product. It means the unique or branded consumer products that buyer willing to make a special purchase effort. It is a specific product because it is especially for men.

Nowadays, lots of men are suffering the hair fall problem. Even the price is more expensive when comparing with others, still BaWang has its market shares. 2. Price Price is the sum of all the values that consumer exchange for the benefits of having or using the product or service. XXXXXX – Price around HKD139. 9 to HKD159. 9 Marketing Objective: Product Quality Leadership Bawang’s objective is being the product quality leadership, first of all, this product’s package is professional, based on the product is combining with other product, such as hair conditioner.

Besides, BaWang uses many resources to develop the product involve some of the Chinese herbal extracts. Due to the high cost and providing a professional product, BaWang’s price would be higher than the others. Pricing Strategies: BaWang use 3 pricing strategies, they are: Promotional pricing: Although the price is higher than other normal products, sometimes the personal care store would provide a special discount to the consumers. Psychological pricing: From the picture above , the price is set at HKD139. , to attract more customers, let them feel the price is more reasonable. Product bundling: Sometimes Bawang will combing several products and offering the bundle at a lower price, such like some sample product combing into this product. 3. Place A set of interdependent organizations involved in the process of making a product or service available for use or consumption by the consumer. I will talk about Distribution channel Type of Channel arrangements Assortment Location Types of intermediaries First of all, BaWang is distributed by Manning’s, Watson’s.

It used conventional channel, which is a model shows the relationship among manufacturer, wholesaler and retailer. Manufacturer produces the products, then assign these product to wholesaler. Finally, consumer will buy the product from retailer. On the other hand, almost BaWang’s coverage included China. It doesn’t establish subsidiary overseas. Assortment of BaWang positioned the shampoo for non-professional usage. Everyone can use it easily and carry out benefits from the shampoo. For distribution location for BaWang, it covered eighteen districts in Hong Kong.

For types of intermediaries of BaWang, I think BaWang is using selective distribution because they use of more than one, but fewer then all, of the intermediaries who are willing to carry the company’s products. 4. Promotion Promotion means the activities that communicate the merits of the product & persuade target customers to buy it. Now, I will analysis the 3 products in 5 aspects, they are Advertising, Sales Promotion, Public Relations, Personal Selling and Direct Marketing (i) Advertising BaWang Man’s Anit-hair Fall Shampoo uses the common non-personal communication channels.

The company uses its company’s website for customers to browse and search the information of the shampoo. Moreover, it also uses TV commercial to promote the shampoo to public. (Show the YouTube, http://www. youtube. com/watch? v=_RzebCOeb_A=related). Besides, it sponsored a TV show called: When Lanes Merge (????? ) in 2010. Rather than that, BaWang Man’s Anit-hair Fall Shampoo has advertisement in magazines too. (ii) Sales Promotion BaWang Man’s Anit-hair Fall Shampoo offers a little bit special discounts to its customers.

For example, the shampoo sold from Mannings, the original price is $159. 9, it lower the selling price to $139. 9. This can attract customers’ attention on this product. (iii) Public Relations There was an earthquake happened in Sichuan on 12th may, 2008. The CEO of BAWANG Group, donating RMB500,000. 00 to Guangzhou Baiyun District Charity on behalf of the company. (Ren Min Bi) Product VS New Diamond Shine Deep Moisturizing Shampoo Introduction Inspired by the dynamics of hair, fashion and music, VS Sassoon has developed the New Diamond Shine Series in 2008.

There are 3 effects after used this product: 1) The Liquid Diamond Effect, 2) The Cashmere Shine Effect and 3) The Amino Supply Effect. Market Segmentation Demographic segmentation Age: 20 – 40 years old Gender: Mainly focus on female Psychographic segmentation – Lifestyle Fashionable people (Individual look and style) Job nature (for example, model, they need to dye or perm their hair often) Behavioral segmentation – Benefit The customers can have better quality of hair after they use this shampoo even after they dye or perm their hair. Also, their hair would be deeply moistened after used.

Therefore, they can have soft and silky and nice smell hair. User status: potential users, heavy users Target customer Mainly focus on female From teenage to women (17-40) Asian 4Ps 1. Product Then, I will talk about the Vidal Sassoon New Diamond Shine Deep Moisturizing Shampoo. The core benefit: customer can have deeply moisturizes and nourishes hair. For the actual product, VS’s package uses red color for the brand. Red color is easier to attract people’s attention than the other color. Also, there is a sticker on the bottle, this can give a perception to customer after they use the product.

The special feature of this product is the revolutionary Liquid Diamond Effect Formula of the new Diamond Shine Series deeply nourishes and conditions the hair with triple beauty effect, so that every strand of hair shines like a string of diamonds with every move. We classify this product as shopping product. Customer would compare the shampoo on suitability, quality, price and style. Since the target customers of this product are youth people, they concern about the quality and price of the products very much. 2. Price – Price around HKD 55. 00 – HKD 69. 90

Marketing Objective: Current Profit Maximization VS Sassoon’s objective is current profit maximization, this product targets on those women who usually dye or perm their hair. Therefore, they want to have beautiful and healthy hair. Most of the female consumers’ main purposes for choosing shampoo are due to these reasons. Also, there are too many competitors in the industry, VS is focusing to grow its market share in order to maximize profit. Pricing Strategies: 3 strategies: Promotional Pricing: Temporarily discount will be provided by the seller to attract new customers.

Product Bundling: Usually VS Sassoon has offers a lots of packages which include the shampoo and conditioner. Also, VS sometimes have combine other trial product is for hair care, to promote other hair caring product to the market. Psychological Pricing: Psychological Pricing has applied to affect the customers feeling the price is cheaper. (Photos HK$ 48. 9) 3. Place Then, I will talk about Vidal Sassoon New Diamond Shine Deep Moisturizing Shampoo. For Sassoon, it is distributed by Manning’s, Watson’s, Vanguard, Park’n shop, Welcome, professional saloon and recognized drug stores.

For recognized drug stores, P had established an authorized programme for selling their products. It ensures that consumers can identify fake products. For type of distribution channel, it is similar to BaWang. It used conventional distribution channel, which also included manufacturer, wholesaler and retailer. For the coverage of Sassoon, it covered all over the world, such as Italy, USA, UK, Japan, China, etc. Then, I also mentioned assortment of Vidal Sassoon. It proposed that it is for professional only because it is available in saloon. In fact, it is easy to use.

So, non-professional also can use it easily. For distribution location for Vidal Sassoon, it also covered eighteen districts in Hong Kong and its reselling stores are mutually more than BaWang. For types of intermediaries of Vidal Sassoon, I think it is using intensive distribution because they make their products available in as many outlets as possible. 4. Promotion (i) Advertising VS Sassoon has a company website to promote its updates promotion to customers, for example, a trial package of New Diamond Shine Deep and a free gift when customer buy enough amount of money.

On the other hand, New Diamond Shine Deep also has a TV commercial to promote itself. Let’s see on YouTube. (http://www. youtube. com/watch? v=y2LOnZzS5VE) (Website: http://www. vs-hk. com/event/index. html#/desk) (ii) Personal Selling Sometime, there is some salesperson in the personal care stores and drug stores to sell directly to the customers. It can help company to build a long term relationship. The sales explain how to choose the shampoo properly. (iii) Sales Promotion As same as the BaWang, VS New Diamond Shine Deep Moisturizing Shampoo also offer a discount price in the supermarket.

Besides that, there were free samples to customers from answering questions held by Headline Daily. It is a greater impact and attraction to consumers. (iv) Direct Marketing VS has a concept store in Tsim Sha Tsiu which provides hair treatment and information about all products of VS including VS New Diamond Shine Deep Moisturizing Shampoo. The consumers can take a piece of advice from the hair stylist to buy the suitable shampoo directly in the store. The company can collect useful information of the customers to create a database and develop a good strategy to target more customers

Product Head & Shoulders Citrus Breeze Shampoo Introduction Market Segmentation 1. Demographic segmentation Age: 25 – 50 Gender: both male and female 2. Psychographic segmentation – Lifestyle The customers who just need the basic personal hygiene needs, such as dandruff problem, they don’t require any specific outcome of the hair. 3. Behavioral segmentation – Benefit It is especially good for oily hair, the customers can enjoy fresh and light hair after used the shampoo. The customers can maintain healthy hair. Target customer

Head & Shoulders Citrus Breeze Shampoo is targeting both male and female and between 25 to 50 years old. They seek for basic personal care products. 4Ps 1. Product For the core benefit of the Head & Shoulders Citrus Breeze Shampoo, the customers would not have dandruff problem after used the product. Actual product: This product uses white, blue and yellow color for the package; it means peace, pure and fresh. The feature of this product is that it has citrus essence and adds the active formulations inside the product.

Also, this product also adds lemon, grapefruit and other citrus fragrance can reach deep and thorough cleaning results, especially for oily hair, it can make the hair light, refreshing and mainly can remove dandruff and distributed pleasant orange fragrance. Product Classification: Shopping Product Customers would spend considerable time and effort gathering relevant information about price, quality etc. It is because the ingredient of this product can help customers to maintain healthy skin activity may also promote skin repair and wound healing. 2. Price – Price around HKD 48. 0 – HKD 63. 90 Marketing Objective: Current Profit Maximization http://www. c9web. com/product/product_s_priceweb. php? rid=E2TXWQrrmsqY7qnHdXV4epG7PpHBRMqvv3dbNLLZY1R1y4qrQa The situation is similar with VS, because they are compete with each others. The range of target markets is too wide, and there are too many competitors in the market. Therefore, the price of this product would not have big differences with other similar products because it needs to earn as much as it can. Pricing Strategies: Promotional Pricing: promotional pricing will be offered by supermarkets or drug stores

Psychological pricing: (See photo $56. 9) No Product Bundling: H hasn’t use this strategy to promote their related products to the customers. 3. Place Eventually, I would like to analyze distribution strategy of Head & Shoulders citrus breeze shampoo. According to our observation, we can find it available in Manning’s, Watson’s, Vanguard, Park’n shop, Welcome and recognized drug stores. In fact, its distribution channel is condensational channel, which is same with Vidal Sassoon. The reason of it is that both Vidal Sassoon and Head & Shoulders are subsidiaries of P.

So, their distribution channels are arranged by their mother company-P. For the coverage of Sassoon, it covered all over the world, such as Italy, USA, UK, Japan, China, etc. In addition, assortment of Head & Shoulders is for non-professional users only. There is a difference between Vidal Sassoon and Head & Shoulder. It isn’t placed in saloon for professional usage. For distribution location for Head & Shoulders, it also covered eighteen districts in Hong Kong and its reselling stores is similar to Vidal Sassoon.

For types of intermediaries of Head & Shoulders, I think it is using intensive distribution because they make their products available in as many outlets as possible. 4. Promotion (i) Advertising Head & Shoulders Citrus Breeze Shampoo has a TV advertisement to promote the shampoo. It is an effective way to reach mass market and build awareness. (Let’s see the commercial, YouTube: http://www. youtube. com/watch? v=K42kHK7d3fk=related) Also, there is a website to explain the product details to consumers. Website: http://www. head-shoulders. com. cn/en-CN/collection/citrus. spx) (ii) Personal Selling There is some salesperson in the drug store to promote the Head & Shoulders Citrus Breeze Shampoo. It can understand customer needs more and react immediately. (iii) Sales Promotion As usual, this shampoo also has discount price in the supermarkets and personal care stores. It can attract brand switchers or reward loyal customers. Conclusion After we analysis the marketing mix of these 3 shampoos, we think these 3 shampoos can target their customers, but we have some suggestions in several areas. Comment on BaWang Man’s Anti Hair Shampoo

First, we think the outlook of the package can give target customers a mature and reliable image. The whole package’s image matches the Chinese herbal extracts and traditional royal members’ concept. We think that the price of the BaWang is appropriate. Because it needs to cover the high cost. About the distribution channel of BaWang, it makes good use of its selective channels. In the TV commercial of BaWang, it goes straight forward to deliver the function of the product to target customers. All these 4Ps can help BaWang to target its customers effectively.

Comment on Vidal Sassoon There is a sticker on the top of the shampoo bottle. It shows the effect after using the VS shampoo. It gives great confidences to customers to try this product. Also, using package to sell the shampoo is a good price strategy to increase its sales revenue. We think that the concept store of VS is a great idea to increase its market shares, because it can provide one-stop services to customer. It is a tactical decision for the distribution strategy. Moreover, by using free samples is a wonderful way to attract target customers.

Comment on Head & Shoulders The H&S has changed its packing to adopt the new environment to enhance its competitiveness. The package of the H&S gives a fresh and clean image to customers, which is match to the target customers’ needs and wants. Although the price of the H is the lowest price among these 3 products, we suggest it can involve product-bundling strategy to attract target customers. Also, the company contains a lot of information about dandruff. We think it can give customers an image that H is an expertise in treating dandruff problem

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