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Audio brand with the FIEF series, and Dual has gone on to carve Itself a niche as a quality manufacturer of automobiles, producing aesthetically pleasing designs combined with a satisfying drive and being mechanically reliable as well. Audio has been selling their luxury cars in India since 2004, but in 2007 Audio India was established as a division of Volkswagen Group Sales India, and began to set up long term plans, Involving large scale Investments, recruitment drives and high quality sales services to meet its goal of becoming the number one luxury car to be driven in India.

Audio is represented in 110 countries world-wide. Product in the Marketing mix of Dual In the early sass, Dual had some problems with Its microprocessors, causing electronic failures that threatened the company’s reputation, especially in the American market. Audio have worked hard to remedy the problems, and their new motor cars today have much less issues with the electronics, as new and improved technology Is found. Audio have added to their range and now offer a wider variety of cars, from the AH , through to the company’s venture into the ex. market with the Q and Q.

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The Audio AH remains popular, as does the impressive looking Audio TTT. As part of the Big Three of car companies in Germany, Audio are one of the top selling luxury sports car brands In the world. In late 2009, Dual posted profits of $1. 85 billion. In 2012, the company enjoyed a 10% increase in sales. Audio has a good presence in India, boosted by the opening of a production plant in 2007. As a result, many of the vehicles from the Audio range are available, and car owners are able to go to Dual garages to repair and maintain their vehicles properly.

Where Audio India sold 3,003 units in India in 2010, it has sold 10,002 units in 2013 showing 200% growth in 3 years. Place in the marketing mix of Audio Presently, Audio has 28 dealerships across 11 states in India, and in 2010 Audio India reported an Increase In sales, compared to the previous year, of 81%. In mid-2014, Audio India will start production of Its premium sedan, the AH at Its faculty in Arranged, and go on to sell it across its dealerships in the country. Although based in Germany, Audio has a world-wide presence, and continues to be a prolific seller of motor cars.

The company has set out major plans and Investments In markets such as India, to achieve long term goals, and it continues to grow In the Aslant countries. Establishing and maintaining a presence through exclusive dealerships and excellent after care services are being used by the company to build on its European a million vehicles being produced in total in 2013. Promotions in the Marketing mix of Audio Audio are involved in many sports and sponsorship ventures, such as sponsoring some Italian football teams, and having a permanent feature in Sonny’s Palpitation Home.

Audio manages to keep itself in the public eye without over doing it. Advertised on billboards and in magazines, and with advertisements on television (TV commercials) over the years, the company was famous for its slogan Nursing arch Technician” meaning progress through technology and today still uses the same words on its adverts. Recently, it was changed, in the USA only, to truth in engineering. Audio relies on the quality of its cars, as well as its reputation as one of the Big Three, to ensure that sales and production figures continue to grow.

Its cars in India are often launched by celebrities like the recent launch of Audio RSI 7 Sports coupe was done by Plywood biggie Salesman Khan. Because of its niche market, Audio never takes part in mass marketing but instead advertises only in the very premium segment so that it can pull its target market towards the brand. Price in the The cost of a new Audio AH in the I-J is around 14,000 GAP and in India it is around 19 lack rupees, which shows that Audio has premium pricing or skimming price. Off course, the pricing is completely Justified looking at the quality and the brand image of the car.

This pricing is also necessary for the proper positioning of the brand. People like the reputation of the company, and this is reflected in the production of this car – 123,000 plus units in 2013. Dealerships and showrooms offer repayment plans allowing a wide variety of people access to the brand. Of course, Audio has a ell respected range of sports cars, such as the Audio TTT RSI Coupe or the RE Coupe, but continues to show a steady growth in production of most of its cars over the last 1 5 years.

Audio has witnessed a stellar performance during the last year and the first quarter of 2014 in India. There has been a price rise off late which has been attributed to the increase in the force rates. However, the company tries its best to rationalize the prices and provide innovative finance options through their own Audio Finance making the purchase attractive. It has it closest competitors in BMW, Volkswagen and Soda among others.

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