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This makes the Expire Z one of the toughest competitors for the Galaxy SO. However, the Expire Z doesn’t pack the hardware or the software credentials that the Samsung flagship proudly brags of. So it’s a neck and neck battle, especially considering the price of the two smartness. Apple phone 5:The phone 5 cannot be left out of any list for the simple reason that it is Apple’s premier smartened, and every phone bears that status until its successor is launched. However, things aren’t quite the same and it has changed substantially since the past few years. And it has only gotten worse with the launch of the Galaxy SO and the ETC One.

Priced about RSI. 4,000 higher than the Galaxy SO, the phone 5 is certainly not going easy on the customers’ wallets. But it goes without saying that it does hold some weight in this highly competitive market. The ETC One:This marathoner from ETC is yet to enter Indian markets, but certainly promises to be a scorcher of a device. Hot from its announcement last month, the ETC One packs an all new design and is sure to win a bunch of design awards this year. Apart from that, the hardware is decent too with a 4. 7-inch IPPP display panel and a quad core Snapdragon 600 chippies.

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However, the highlight of the smartened is the IMP ‘Ultraviolet’ camera, which is believed to be on par with most high end mobile camera sensors. And while the Jury is still out on the camera, it’s the overall usability of the marathoner that has won fans all over. The LOG Nexus 4:The Nexus 4, though not available in India, is always going to be touted against the newest of the newest droid’s for the simple reason that it’s a pure Android phone. It may not boast of the bells and whistles associated with a Samsung Galaxy SO or a Sony Expire Z, but it is a smartened for all seasons as some like to call it.

The latest updates and a decent hardware make it a must have smartened for every Android lover. But the new gene hardware and the additional software tweaks gives the MOM smartness a slight advantage over the relatively plain Nexus 4. Users can import the Nexus 4 via online retailers or get the imported versions from tons of e-commerce sites here in India 3. MARKETING STRATEGY a)Mission Statement: When taking a look at Samsung Mission Statement, “At Samsung, we follow a simple business philosophy: to devote our talent and technology to creating superior products and services that contribute to a better global society. (Samsung . Com Values and Philosophy), one sees that it promotes the advancement of its products with a talented staff of employees. This all leads up to a period product that is a leader in its market. Samsung message was simply that the new features will help users achieve a “richer, simpler, more full life. ” The tagging for the phone was “Life companion. ” No reason to buy without these and the marketing strategy certainly is addressing this end state in our opinion. As stated in its new motto, SAMSUNG Electronics vision for the new decade is, “Inspire the World,Create the Future. This new vision reflects SAMSUNG Electroencephalogram’s to inspiring its communities by leveraging Samsung three key strengths: -??New Technology,] Ђ??Innovative Products,] and -??Creative Solutions. B)Marketing Mix: Analysis the Extended Marketing Mix Product: Samsung touch phones and smartness have three levels of product: core (they are communicational and fast computing devices), actual (they are branding stylish, have high quality, great packaging and features), and augmented (they are added with local repair and free upgrade services, the warranty).

The products have high quality phone features, accessories; including headphones, charger, manual, and a stylish package . Pricing:Len relation to the prices the company adheres the average prices. The prices above that level were set only by Monika. Other competitors have lower prices. Samsung Incorporation uses the market-based method (the leader + psychological pricing), settling up the prices. Until recently, the market leader in touch devises was Monika. The prices for all models with the odd numbers are a little less than a round ones . Promotion:The company has three types of promotion: 1 .

Selective. The company provides distribution of its products only through intermediaries, who own special skills that allow them to offer these products to market more effectively; 2. Intensive. The priority is to achieve the largest possible presence of the products in retail outlets, so the company tries to sell the largest possible number of outlets. This is how they sell to the mass markets. 3. Exclusive. The company sells its products through a limited number of intermediaries. The most commonly used in the luxury segment, to emphasize the exclusivity of these products.

The higher priced phones and other electronics are sold through this. Placement:The company has been founded in South Korea; however it earns the majority of the profit in the China and India markets. In addition, due to the racketing strategy, Samsung releases the new types of phones into those markets, where the competitors haven ‘t any. Product strategy: SAMSUNG realized that low price is Just a major means to compete in the lower-market whereas in upscale market technology and brand are competitive means. SAMSUNG decided to penetrate the upscale market and gave up lower-market in order to exalt its brand image.

It repositioned all series of its products such as mobile phone, consumer electronics and memory flash to upscale market. Correspond to Samsung new position in the market it has relatively higher price in it category. To SAMSUNG higher price would bring more profit and at the same time it is the better imply of good quality. The strategy of reposition helps SAMSUNG starting to build its noblest image. Consumer strategy: Technology innovation SAMSUNG recognized that digital is the future developing aspect of consumer electronics. They regard the digital age as having both incalculable potential and risks.

It’s a time of intense competition- fortunes can be made or lost in the blink of an eye. SAMSUNG took this challenge as an opportunity. They switched their core competitive power from mass manufacture o its own brand which based on digital technology. It is well positioned as one of the worlds recognized leaders in digital technology and eventually become the world’ top innovative company in technology . Let starts to provide consumers with innovative and cutting edge products and rapidly become a huge player in electronics field competing toe to toe with another magnate Sony.

SAMSUNG launched an industry design revolution in order to get rid of its image of imitator. It employed world top designers to expand their thought and keep track on the world highest level. Target markets :SAMSUNG target market is high and medium income level communities. POSITIONING STRATEGIES: The concept to position the brand may be based on the functions provided by the product, the experience it offers or symbol it conveys. Developing positioning strategy requires integrating the product, price, value chain, and promotion strategy to focus them on the market target.

The positioning strategy matches the firm’s capabilities with the buyer’s preferences. Branding Strategy: For any new company, when it makes its entry into the market, there are two ways to template growth: intensive advertising campaign, and product offerings with unique functions. SAMSUNG recognized the potential of both. -??In terms of products, SAMSUNG introduced its leading-technology display products. Marketing objectives: Maintain market leadership and increase our market shares. Loyalty and commitment to our Customers.

Build alliances with the leading manufacturers in the industries we serve. Keep investing in People, Systems, Facilities and Distribution Systems with a long term view. -SAMSUNG is involved in aggressive marketing and advertising of its product to evolve attitudes,create awareness, and transmit information in order to gain a response from the target market. Terminal advertising channels include media such as newspapers (local, national, free, tatterdemalions and Journals, television (local and national) cinema, outdoors advertising (such as posters,bus sides).

The initial advertisements communicated presence of SAMSUNG in worldwide markets its dominance in those markets. Along with advertisements, SAMSUNG also focuses on promotional schemes to increase its sales. Organizational Structure Samsung has an organizational structure focused on many divisions. These range room, “Electronics, Machinery & Heavy Industries, Chemical Industries, Financial Services, Miscellaneous Other Companies” (Samsung. Net Affiliated Companies). With proper division of labor among its different divisions and companies Samsung hopes to produce many great products into different industries.

The Galaxy SO is a machine that is solely focused on by one aspect of the parent company, the electronics division. Division of labor allows for there to be the right allocation of talent to make the SO “the next best thing”. Socially responsible market As a company, Samsung Electronics strives to generate economic profits and multitudinously tries to tackle global issues such as the popularization of society, poverty and famine in order to pass on our positive values to the society in which we operate.

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