Marketing Mix Cafe Coffee Day Assignment

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Most of the eatables have been adopted to meet the Indian taste buds like Samos, brain, miasmal sandwich, tike sandwich etc. Thus they have been trying to capture the Indian taste along with classic coffee. The best selling item in summer is frapp??, which is coffee and ice cream blended together. The young people favor it. In winter it is cappuccino. Their merchandising includes funky stuff like t-shirts, caps etc. Price: Considering that Cafe Coffee Day knows its major customer lies in the bracket of 15- 29,it has tried to derive a policy whereby it can satisfy all its customers.

The price for a cup of coffee ranges from RSI. 45 to RSI 80. From the time it first started its operations, Theresa been only minor changes in the pricing policy of Cafe Coffee Day. The changes have been more due to the government taxes than any thing else Place: The strategy CDC has adapted is to place a cafe in every possible location where some business can be generated. This is a prime factor in determining the success of a retail chain. Cafe Coffee Day looks to cater to their target market with strategically located outlets.

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Their outlets are generally located in High Street/ Family Entertainment Centers, gas stations, near Colleges . Promotion: CDC is involved in all the areas of serious consumer passion like: Television:Cafe Coffee Day held a contest around a very popular programmer on Zee English classifieds. All the six lead characters are shown often visiting a coffee shop. They have tied up with Channel [V]’s Get Gorgeous contest. Tie-ups:Besides that Cafe Coffee Day also tie up lot of the youth brands.

So they have a contest going on with Levis,another one with Scoots, Lira, latest one with Artilleries. Association with movies:CDC can be seen in movies like Shake and Maim Hon. An Sales Promotion:Cafe Coffee Day uses special ‘Cafe Citizen Card’ for rewarding Cafe Coffee Days customers. It is a loyalty program to gain new customers and retain the existing ones. Process: The ordering and delivery process in CDC was earlier based on self- service. But now in most its coffee shops the waiter comes and takes away the order and delivers the order on table.

Physical evidence: a)Logo , image, brand: Cafe Coffee Day has used bright red and green colors in its logo. RED stands professorship , vitality,passion for coffee. The GREEN stroke harks back the coffee plantations that they own. Cafe is noticeably larger in the logo to denote that Cafe Coffee Day pioneered thetas concept in India way back in 1996. The font looks as though the letters have congealed out of a liquid. B) Architecture and Decor:Largely wood and granite based interior with young colors of today,like imaginer, yellow, orange, and purple predominate. ) Literature:The literature provided by Cafe Coffee Day is indicative of its youthful image. Themes, posters, pamphlets are all designed to attract young and young at heart People: People at Cafe Coffee Day believe that “People are hired for what they know but fired for how they behave”. Motivation and personal skill are laid emphasize upon. Their employees are like friend to the customer but at the same time they know about the international standards of hygiene and cleanliness and personal grooming.

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