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Major Competitors include: McDonald’s, Wend’s, Subway, and Burger King Problems Perception of KEF fried food aka Known ‘artery clogged’ which keeps consumers away Fast food franchisees are dreaded by health conscious individuals and this is steering people away from KEF for the past few years. KEF struggles to compromise with the above trend and are trying to emphasize on health in its advertising which makes consumers even more skeptical. High pricing strategy 1. 3 Research Analysis Fact Finding Techniques This is a well-known technique used when doing research to gather information and preferences from a specific target group.

This technique helps understand attitudes and behavioral patterns of the intended project stakeholders which would assist the author. In the context of this research the author will be using the following data gathering methods. Questionnaires An online questionnaire was generated and piloted to 50 internet users between the ages of 12-50. The survey questionnaire (Appendix A) was built with combination of standardized (rigid questions for quantitative data) and Un-standardized (open ended questions for qualitative data) or explanations for the chosen rigid questions.

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The main Aim of the survey was to identify the factors that affect the buying pattern of a 21st century consumer. All the independent and dependent variables were tested using the survey. From the survey, it’s intended to see which variable and indicators are given importance fast food loving individuals. Document survey Many documents were used to gather data. The documents help to focus analysis on past trends, frequencies, interrelationships statistical analysis etc. Statistical yearbooks were evaluated to observe the trends of a 21st century food loving consumer.

Through all these research methodologies the author will be able to analyze the market situation that KEF is facing in terms of Company/Product, Competition, and Consumers. The focus was given to the health perceptions for consumers of KEF, their products, their competition and competition’s products. We then conducted our first set of focus groups that were aimed at concept testing. 1. 2. 2 Data Analysis Figure 1. 3 Data Analysis Question 1 To figure out where KEF stood in terms of its competition, the survey focused on how they compared to other fast food restaurants in pricing.

Most respondents believed that McDonald’s had the best value because of options like the dollar menu. Value and convenience was given great emphasis by the respondent when asked on why they visit fast food chains. The respondents believe that Cuff’s pricing when compared to their competitors was a little overpriced. Figure 1. 4 Data Analysis Question 2 The main competition of KEF is any place that sells chicken. Though KEF has the majority market share within the fast food chicken market, Chic-Fill-A according to the respondent had the best chicken.

When inquired the respondents on why they prefer Chic-Fill-A they said it was healthier for them than KEF or any other brand. KEF was viewed as unhealthy, unsanitary greasy chicken by many. However even though some said the unhealthiness of KEF didn’t bother them so much they also said it was not something they would eat on a regular basis. Figure 1. Data Analysis Question 3 Many respondents were unaware that KEF offered healthier grilled chicken. The regular visitors of KEF were the ones who were aware of these items.

The respondents said if they knew about the grilled chicken sandwiches dishes they would be more likely to go to KEF. The respondents thought that it would have been great if KEF was able to list the health content of their food which would make people aware on what they are getting into. In summary the survey brought to light that KEF in their advertising needs focus more on promoting their healthier options, and Just UT more emphasis on health in general. This would help them to widen their customer base.

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