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Marketing Plan Male Contraceptive Executive Summary Introduction Analyzing current product and tests Before starting up a marketing plan for a male contraceptive product we need to take a look at different variables and retrieve some background information about the history and current situation in the male contraceptive market. In an article from Demerits J. Propose in the Journal for Nurse Practitioners is mentioned that worldwide 30% of the couples use a male form of Contraception. It is estimated that 1 out of 6 males older than 35 have had a vasectomy in the United

States. An International study involving 9000 men In nine countries expressed that the reasons for the man Is to regulate when and If they are ready for (another) fatherhood. 1 Male contraception methods Currently there are different kinds of male contraception methods. There are the traditional and most common methods as Condom, Withdrawal, Trousers, Vasectomy and Castration. We will a take a look at the current methods, current developing methods and their advantages and disadvantages.

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One of the male contraceptive methods Is RISING; “Reversible Inhibition of Sperm ender Guidance” Is said to be similar to a vasectomy but Is easier reversible. The gel will be Injected In the Vass, where It will block and kill the supermodels. If the patient would like to restore their fertility they can use another injection to flush it out. There has been a stop in trials in 2002 after several problems and were restarted again in 2011. At the moment it is only tested in India, but they are planning to have it on the market 2015. Another male contraceptive to replace the vasectomy was an Incapable plug, which has been tested in China using the lassoer. This plug could still be removed within 5 years after insertion. One of the downsides was that it might lead rupture of the Vass. Also The Chug a non-lamentable plug can be used, which is safer and the removal require Just a minor surgery. Both methods has not been proved that after removal lead to a complete return of fertility. (3) IQ is small molecule which has been tested on mice and reduces the sperm and when stopped there fertility was restored in one or two months.

This way of a non-hormonal contraceptive would likely to be more interested for men. These tests could lead too Male Birth Control Pill. (4) Ultrasonic Sperm zapping treatment has been tested on rats and reduced the level of sperm counts far below levels normally seen in fertile man. The tests are still in a beginning phase and now also been tested on dogs and monkeys. There are no test done to see when/and if the fertility will return. (5) Testicular heating method is to heat the testicles so that they cannot produce sperm.

This method has been used for a long time and can be easily used as suspensor. New tests show that after long use, fertility might not return to how it was and is only to be used as a reversible method for short usage. (6) Consumer research & analyses To create a product, one of the most important questions that you have to ask yourself is: “What are the wants and needs of our target consumer? ” If we do not know the wants and needs, a product will never be successful. The segments that we have analyzed are listed below.

Young heterosexual men (18-24) in a long-term sexually active and committed relationship with no need for children (yet). Younger heterosexual men (25-45) in a long-term sexually active and committed relationship with children without the urge to have more. Mature heterosexual men (46-50) in a long-term relationship with hillier but without the urge to have more. (As a less severe alternative than for example a vasectomy). Younger and mature men (18-50) with extramarital relationships or changing relationships (Safety purposes/undesired pregnancies).

The concrete answers of our target customers are as follows: 1) A less severe decision than a vasectomy to protect their female partner against unwanted pregnancy 2) An alternative to condoms, female contraceptive or withdrawal against unwanted pregnancy. 3) A more shared responsibility between partners. Most contraceptives are based on women and they have more severe side-effects than males. We can conclude that the target consumer consists of a wide range of men who wish a proven safer contraceptive than a condom. Our consumer will be found in Europe.

Ways to reach our target consumer will be through media they use the most, the internet. Promotion on social media as Faceable and Twitter will be the most effective to communicate with our market segments. We will also create a website for product and company information. Market Segments & Target Market According to our client, the Male contraceptive product only prevents users against unwanted pregnancy and not against Stir’s. Therefore we are targeting males as ell as their female partners who are in a serious relationship and made the conscious decision for themselves not to have (more) children.

It is important that we control has mainly been in the hands of the female partner. Research shows us that most males father a child between the ages of 25 till 45 (2). For these reasons we classify them as our target customers. Since our client is bringing a whole new product and a revolutionary concept to the European market, we are targeting the responsible adult who is a first-time user of the product. They are settled with a partner and have clear ideas and goals for their future. They are willing and able to spend money on a product which helps them to maintain those ideas and goals.

Because this is not a permanent solution they need to evolve from a first-time user into a regular buyer and should have an absolute loyalty to the products they buy and use. The world population is growing rapidly; the world population grew from 1 billion to 7 billion from 1800 to 2011. During the year 2011, according to estimates, 135 million people were born and 57 million died, this means an increase in population of 78 million (3). Since this is a worldwide trend, it is safe to say that there is a global need or a new male contraceptive.

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