Marketing Design and Innovation Assignment

Marketing Design and Innovation Assignment Words: 600

INTRODUCTION ‘Never before in history has innovation offered promise of so much to so many in so short a time’ Bill Gates, Founder of Microsoft Co. The Television was my chosen product in view of the fact that it plays a major role in my life. I am entertained and educated by the many programs available for viewing. Marketing innovation can simply be described as the process through which a product evolves from its simplest form to something extraordinary. The internet has heightened consumer awareness of the vast array of products now available for order online.

This technology has augmented consumers’ needs and wants as well as a higher standard of living. Where organisations have previously encountered the challenge of creating a unique product, they now have to utilise newer techniques of getting that unique product sold. TELEVISION This device has revolutionised the manner in which the consumer views the world. Almost every household has at least one television set in its living rooms. The television is what brings people together whether it may be to watch a good movie or a family DVD.

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There are many brands now on the international markets that offer a wide variety of television sets with various features that enhance the viewing experience. THE HISTORY The brilliant mastermind behind the ‘moving picture’ was a German student, Paul Gottlieb Nipkow, who, in the 1800s, developed a method of sending through wires with the aid of a rotating disk and was known as ‘an electric telescope’. Between 1923 and 1931, Charles Jenkins, an American innovator, adapted Nipkow’s concept to create moving pictures through a mechanical disk system.

It was during this time period the television encountered its first set on intense innovations. Another participant in this magnificent creation is the key player, Philo Taylor Farnsworth, rounds up the lot of ideas and puts combines them to create the first electronic television system that is used presently as the foundation of all television sets. THE BRANDS The five selected brands to be scrutinized for bringing a new vision of life to people are: 1. Samsung 2. Panasonic . Sony 4. Sharp 5. LG BENEFITS OF TELEVISION 1. The Television enables the viewer to share cultural experiences with others through visual and relative images thus creating a lasting impact. 2. Adults are encouraged to learn through innovative tutoring documentaries, tools, and other programmes. 3. The main benefit of the Television is entertainment and information. 4. It is an alternative measure against other leisurely activities such as surfing the internet. 5.

It induces family bonding which simply means that a family unit is able to connect and share experiences after having viewed educational and entertaining programs. THE INFLUENCE OF TELEVISION One person may say to the other, ‘There’s a great show on tonight on the Food Channel, let’s stay home and look at it, it’s going to be great. It’s that new lasagne recipe from Mama Inada’. Or in another instance, the final episode of ‘American Idol’ encourages viewer participation via online votes or voting by text for the favourite singer.

The popular TV show ‘Friends’ entices happiness and the simulated scenes familiarises the viewer with the characters thus fostering a viewership loyalty with the program. Whilst there are positive influences of the television, there are negative ones as well. The simulated images of war, violence, substance abuse and other socially taboo practices proves to be issues of great public debate. Whilst the script writers endeavour to create some sort of positive outcome, the negativity still remains. On cable channels there are adult channels that are not conducive for public viewing.

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