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The shifting of the flow as per the example that Is given in the question will be by making he distribution of the product in the department stores or the drug stores or even from the distributors directly by selling to the customers but this will make the sale of the Independent Beauty Consultant decrease because most of her customers will have many other ways to purchase the product that they are used to buy and this will let the beauty consultant not have the ownership of the product. N the other hand all the department stores and the other stores selling the products to the customer will face a high selling as most of the customers will be shifted to them because of he new distributors that has Join the marketing flow. Many other customers will go and buy the products directly from the company as they will be selling the product directly to the customer and it will be with less price then all the other distributors because it will be a direct from the owner of the product. C.

Nine customers role In all n s Tow w Titter Trot Dulling Lyreco Trot ten Death consultant or the other shops because each business is targeting their own benefits and it will be the best way for the customer to buy the product directly from the tatty consultant as they will buy only the products that they really need and the ones that suites them. The beauty consultant will be able to recommend to her customer the products that they need because of the knowledge and experience that she has gained. Her main target will be gaining the customer satisfaction to build a long term relationship with them to improve her business.

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But on the other hand all the other stores will focus on the percentage of selling the item because there main purpose will be increasing the percentage of sales in their business. Page 30 – Question 6 Selling and Servicing an Ultrasound Machine I I Hospital Emergency Room I Academic Medical Researcher on a tight government-funded budget using the machine for laboratory research I Descriptor I Service Outplacement Level I Descriptor I Service Outplacement Level I Bulk-breaking I Emergency Room Needs very high qualification machines that meet all the needs.

I High I The Lab needs a machine that fulfills the researchers need. I Medium I Spatial Convenience I Search for the best quality and brand machine that is offered by the companies and distributors. I Medium I Search for the lowest cost machine that is found in the market based as the government budget. I High I Waiting and Delivery Time I Emergency room cannot wait because always the machines have to be ready for any emergency that may happen anytime.

I High I After getting the machine the Lab can start to continue their researches. I Low Assortment animadvert I The Emergency Room needs the best quality and brand to suit all the needs of the hospital. I High I The Lab needs a simple machine for the use of the researches only. I Low Customer Service I The distributor has to give their recommendation for the best brand and quality that will satisfy the need of the Emergency Room.

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