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How Personality and Lifestyle affects your Backpack “Eve had this backpack for 5 years. Its Like my backpack Is graduating with me. ” said Nick. Jessica on the other hand had a different opinion, “l get a new backpack every year or even semester. I like to keep things fresh. ” Neither Nick nor Jessica is wrong in formulating their opinions about backpacks. In fact, for something that you are going to carry with you each day of your school life, you better choose wisely.

Comfort, durability, style, price and features such as one strap or two strap. So many options and yet you have to choose one that separates you from the crowd. This blob post Is focused on the criteria. Different groups wealth a college student population use to choose a backpack which best suits their needs. Backpacks, definitely not the first thing you think about when you think about going to school. And why should it be, there are bigger and more important things that the students give priority to.

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With tuition, housing, food and book expenses looming over your head, getting a backpack Is almost a given when you want to keep your act together and stay organized In the school. However, backpack Is not something to Just carry your stuff in anymore. Getting a backpack has a lot to do with who you are and how you define your personality. Are you an athlete? Are you an IT expert or a graphic designer? Are looks and style Important to you on a dally basis? Are you a commuter? These are Just few of the questions that come Into play when a college student Is making decision about backpacks.

When asked what kind of features they look for In a backpack while making the purchasing decision, features such as a water bottle holder, laptop compartment, extra pockets, material used to make the backpack were few of the answers given by students. If you think that there are already a lot of choices being offered in the market for a backpack, just wait till you check out the latest trends. The next time you visit your closest backpack store, don’t be alarmed on seeing the store offering you a backpack with GAPS, Solar Charger and Speakers.

A college is an amalgamation of different types of students with different needs coming together under one campus. In the laddering interviews, I approached five different students from a university, each belonging from a different group in the college: Lexis, the athlete was using the backpack given to her by her swim team. L feel confident wearing this backpack and it connects me with other athletes on times. ” Outgoing, Active and Friendly were some of the traits she used to describe herself. Kristin on the other hand was all about style. She likes the colors, appearance and brand of the backpack. L like fashion, my backpack should be easy on the eye. I like how things appear. ” She said. She described herself as Independent, Confident, Logical and Organized. Alex, the commuter wanted something durable since he used the backpacks not Just for books but also for clothes, food and other utilities he might need during the day. L come to school straight from work and am here until 9 pm on a regular day. I need a backpack I can count on to carry the load of my busy schedule. ” Alex described himself as a go-getter. He said that he was self-reliant, passionate and intelligent.

Lexis, Kristin and Ale’s statements prove as a testament to the fact that a students’ personality and lifestyle affects what kind of backpack they might be rocking. Students in college differentiate themselves on different basis. What they wear, their clothes, accessories etc. Defines them and helps carry them with confidence. Backpacks these days come in all styles, colors, sizes, materials and students are taking full advantage of it in making sure they get the one that goes perfectly with their personality and lifestyle. So, what does your back pack tell you about your personality?

Documentation of Research: The main aim of the marketing research exercise was to see how the lifestyle and personalities of different students within the campus affected their choice of backpacks. The first step in my research was to divide the college student population into a few different groups, each one possessing some different and unique qualities. The different groups I divided the student into were: Athletes, Commuters, Grad Students, Fashionable Freshmen, and Greek Life. Basis on which these students were divided were: 1. Daily Routine 2. Way of Dressing 3.

Features seeded in a backpack 4. General Personality Traits. One the groups were divided, next step was to conduct a laddering interview from I approached one student in each group and conducted an interview with similar questions. The main aim was to start with asking basic questions related to what kind of features, the students seek in a back pack and eventually uncovering their sub- unconscious motives behind their decisions by asking more “Why? ” questions. The interview also focused on what features and accessories were most important to each group in a backpack.

The answers uncovered a trend as each group at the end agreed that their lifestyle and daily routine along with their personality had a huge impact in making the final purchase decision about the backpacks. The athletes wanted something durable with their name or their team’s name on it to feel recognized. They also wanted a water bottle holder as staying hydrated helped them focus more on both studies and sports. Fashionable freshman Just wanted something eye catching that separated them from the rest. They were not worried about the price or durability. Comfort and Fashion were their main concerns.

Commuters were looking for something durable that will stay with them in a long run. Their demanding lifestyle called for a back pack that they can count on. They were looking for more durability at an economical price than comfort or fashion. Grad Students were also looking for something durable as they had to stay at school for most part of the day. Comfort and Durability along with price were their main encores. They were not looking for a highly fashionable back pack. However, they wanted an all-round back pack that could fulfill their everyday needs.

Greek Life students had a similar concern as the athletes as they wanted a custom back pack which could connect them as a part of their fraternity or sorority. Differentiating themselves from rest of the pack and getting recognized among their fraternity or sorority brother and sisters was their main concern. However, they did not focus much on durability or capacity as much as style and trendiest of the back pack and the fashion statement it makes. These findings show that there can be multiple groups that can be targeted within a single target market population.

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