Marketing Audit Assignment

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Less demand for further education Economic: Recession/Low disposable income of Dentist Dentist trying to save their jobs. Decrease demand in training from dentists and practices Imposition of high taxes by UK GDC Uncertainly in Dental industry economy People willing to join training to save taxes Increasing demand from Patients Lack of global interest in LEC Diminishing spending power Social-cultural: ncreasing demand for cosmetic treatment Increase demand in cosmetic dentist/suppliers and products Dentists have to learn cosmetic techniques Rise in Ethical spending (CSR)

CSR been given more importance TTL does not believe in sustainability Knowledgeable and Educated patients High demands from patients from their dentists Demand from NHS & private dentists Demand for higher quality of certification and specializations Increase in educational sector Increase in demand International demand for IJK dental courses Growing 1. 1K economy. Restrictions on entry and work permits. Need to introduce special course for international market Demand for Status quo in the Dental industry Dental Industry changing its image. Need for more letters behind a dentist name

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Technological: Demand of E-learning Competition in online education industry TTL needs to gear up Latest technology and training tools in the market New methods and innovation in dental market Competition gaining the market share Social Media and digital expansion amongst Dentist Dental news available to everyone universally TTL needs to look at social media pages and image Consumer data collection Direct engagement with consumers Data ownership and cross-selling opportunity egal: Consumer protection laws Costs and Salaries Visa restrictions for non UK and non EIJ dentist

More strict law enforcement on dental visa Obedience of rules. Environmental: Natural Disaster Global distress and downfall Training no longer a priority Appendix 4 Stakeholder Mapping Stakeholders Power in Decision making Interest in Profits CEO High D- Key Players Directors Marketing/Sales a-Keep Informed Nurses Low A-Minimum Effort Paul Tipton Operations External employees IT support PR/Web developer Partners Sponsors Suppliers Lecturers B-Keep Informed Governing Bodies- NHS/GDC C-Keep Satisfied Media Figure 8. McKinsey 7S Framework Analysis: Current Situation Issues Strategy:

TTL’s strategy is to become the industry leadership due to increase in demand for higher education in the 1. 1K by providing excellent and quality training to the dentists. TTL not only provides training and skills to its delegates. The courses build a career path for dentists and can lead to P. G. qualifications, Diploma and a Master’s degree. The industry offers high competition in the education sector. Private limited companies and universities are major competition for ITL Changing GDC Regulations by the NHS and further restriction on Dentists practicing in the UK, favor the growth of the industry.

Lack of strategic clarity No core strategy in terms of consumption, positioning, competitive advantage and value creation unclear. Structure Bureaucratic structure- A hierarchal structure will defined roles and responsibility. Reporting mechanism to managers and also to CEO. Quick and centralised decision making process as the CEO can be contacted immediately. Departments and functions coordinate activities verbally and also via emails. Whole area of strategic marketing management overlooked or under employed. Systems: The main systems driving the business will be communication and use of esources.

Repetition of courses and structure and learning from the mistakes. No strategic systems and processes in place to leverage resources and data Shared Values: Corporate values are mainly serviced focused. No compromise in quality and company could spend a reasonable amount of money to extend these values. Internal culture is individualistic. Not much communication with the teams. Lack of department collaboration.

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