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Its indirect distribution channel is as follows More marketing team makes sure that their product is available at every departmental store, grocery shop, bakery or pharmacies of city. To extend its availability they have ice cream bikes that reach every corner of the city being it any street or any neighborhood. Promotion Advertising: Vehicle Advertising, Outdoor billboards, Point of Sale Displays and Ads on televisions. Advertisements are mostly colorful reminiscent to their ice cream packaging. When Negro foods was initially launched they adopted a rather unique way of advertising.

Flyers were thrown in different housing communities using airplanes. More Edward was also a huge successful advert campaign by Negro which was held in BIB. This campaign reached thousands of people and uplifted the HTH CONE. 13th cone has a direct competition with Walls Cornet Message: Negro foods came up with a tagging/slogan that is Art of Happiness’. This was promoted in the Social media and the mainstream media. Negro wanted to create an image of enjoyment with MOORГ??. Marketing Environment More operates in oligopolies environment with walls being the major competitor.

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To market their brand FEEL has to keep constant watch on the marketing strategies of walls. They have to keep close eye on any new product they launch, their pricing strategy, and the promotion they do for their product. Many opportunities arise as well as some threats evolve due to the changes in marketing environment. Competitor Wall’s is sold in more than 40 countries making it the most widely available ice cream worldwide. Milliner is the global leader of ice cream and frozen desserts manufacturing with almost 18% of the global market share.

Wall’s came to Pakistan in state of the art machinery, the Wall’s factory is a standard of hygiene and technology in the region and has become synonymous with quality. In 1998 Wall’s acquired Polka, a local ice cream manufacturer. Some of the most popular brands loved by the asses were now linked to Wall’s; making an irresistible combination that few could refuse. Its brands like Feast, Magnum and Cornet have established markets and pose the biggest threat to Engross More Wall’s is the market leader of the Pakistani Ice cream market.

All Wall’s products are Hall and are made with Hall ingredients in a Hall compliant manner Characteristics Affecting Consumer Buyer Behavior Cultural factors: Most of the population of Pakistan is middle class who are potential customers of more ice cream. The culture is very favorable since ice cream is a reduce that Pakistanis love to have, especially during summer. Social factors: The ice cream culture in Pakistan has helped create active reference groups such as family, friends and other social networks that play a very important role in recommending more ice cream to others.

Personal factors: The personal characteristics and lifestyles of people in Pakistan such as ages are very important. Not only children but people of all ages are attracted to more ice creams. The variety within more ice creams helps to cater the needs of people with different personalities, for example some prefer Froze ice popsicles while others prefer Caramel Cones and so on. Type Of Buying Decision Behavior Consumers engage in Variety-seeking buying behavior as the consumer involvement is low but significant brand differences exist in the ice cream market.

The consumers thus carry out brand switching. For instance if they buy more ice cream at a time, they may purchase wall’s next time Just to change the taste. The Buyer Decision Process Step 1) Need Recognition: First of all, the consumer recognizes a problem or need that could be satisfied by a product. Pakistanis need something to cool off with and hat better way than with ice cream. Step 2) Information Search: Once the need is recognized, the consumer is aroused to seek more information.

For ice creams, consumers will probably pay more attention to ice cream advertisements, carry out ice cream conversations with friends or Just go More, Wall’s, Marble Stone and so on. Step 3) Evaluation Of Alternatives: At this stage, the consumer uses information to evaluate alternative brands in the choice set. In case of ice creams, the consumer would base his choice on certain attributes like taste, packaging, price and so on. On he basis of these attributes the consumer would decide from the choices he has available, More, wall’s, marble stone, in this case.

Step 4) Purchase Decision: Here the consumer makes the decision about which brand to purchase. It will depend on the evaluation of different brands carried out in the previous stage. However, it may also be affected by the attitude of others for instance if a consumer intends to purchase wall’s ice cream, but he decides to buy More as soon as he gets to know that his best friend prefers More. And the decision may also be affected by unexpected situational factors like a sharp price cut by the impetigo brand.

Step 5) Post purchase Behavior: Finally, the consumer makes an evaluation of the purchase decision whether the product has met the expectations with regard to its performance. After consuming More Ice cream, if the consumer’s expectation of taste is met, he is satisfied, otherwise not. However, some level of cognitive dissonance is associated with every purchase which results in disappointment. For example if the consumer thinks that More ice cream has met the expectations for in terms of taste but it is expensive, he would have some level of dissatisfaction.

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