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In this assessment, you must evolve an international promotion plan for your diploma course that you are undertaking at your educational institute. You must identify an audience for the promotion and develop strategies based on marketing principles. Also, a Powering presentation is required for this assessment task. Note: Future assessment tasks continue to build upon the promotional plan you will develop for this assessment task. Ensure that you adequately save your documents and retain them for use in future assessment tasks.

Proceed re Review the Marketing Plan provided in Appendix 1 . Identify an audience for the promotion. Seek approval for this proposed audience for this assessment task by consulting with your facilitator/assessor. Consider all the promotional activities included in this course and assess their suitability for the proposed audience, using relevant information sources to ensure the activities are culturally-appropriate and are compatible with your institution’s requirements. Develop a written plan including a schedule for promoting your diploma course based on this analysis and assessment.

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Ensure the proposed activities are realistic, have objectives and are within the budget constraints. Specifications You must provide: a promotion plan Powering presentation delivered to your learning group Your assessor will be looking for: a promotion plan that includes: an explanation of your diploma course including benefits and features the target group for your promotion the objective of each promotional activity budget plan for the promotion any relevant policies and procedures, e. G. Identification of the team required and their roles and responsibilities identification of any special skills and technology required for the promotion a promotional plan: clearly written in plain English headings written with any charts and tables produced using the MS Office suite of applications TASK 2 Promotional Activity All businesses need to promote their product or services. Promotions can take many forms depending on the industry, the target market, and the product or service that you have chosen.

Your task is to implement a promotional activity to promote your institute’s diploma course to an international audience. This will involve developing promotional material and coordinating promotional presentation. Note: Future assessment tasks continue to build upon the promotional literature you will develop for this assessment task. Ensure that you adequately save your documents and retain hem for use in future assessment tasks. Procedure 1 Review the promotion plan you developed in the Assessment Task 1 and finalist before implementing the promotion below. 2.

Familiarize yourself with the following scenario: A delegation often head teachers and principals from Delhi is visiting your region. They can be contacted via your assessor. Assume that you have been assigned $1 ,OHO and two colleagues to assist you in undertaking the following promotion activities. Invite the delegation from Delhi (via your facilitator) to a promotion for your diploma course tryout institution. Identify suitable international business networks to assist and invite them to attend or assist as appropriate. Identify a suitable location for a presentation.

Prepare culturally-sensitive promotional literature. Identify suitable display material (provide literature and costs only). Identify suitable refreshments (provide description and costs only). Identify suitable thank-you gifts for attending (provide literature and costs only). Notes: You must submit all emails, documents, invitations and so on as evidence for this part of the assessment task. Your Assessor will be looking for evidence of the following: Promotional trials are developed that: are considered acceptable in the target culture.

Invitations that: are sent from someone of a culturally acceptable status are written in a culturally-acceptable style presentation are suitable to be sent to appropriate international business networks. TASK 3 Final report In the previous assessment tasks, you developed a promotional plan and conducted a promotional activity. Did it work? A key business skill is the critical analysis of activities to identify their effectiveness. This is essential for any work activities, promotional or otherwise. In this task, you will survey our target market and obtain their feedback on the campaign you conducted.

You will create a report on the promotional presentation. It will contain summaries and an analysis of the collected feedback and proposed improvements. Procedure Design a survey instrument to evaluate the promotional presentation conducted in Assessment Task 2. Issue the survey to the attendees of your presentation in Assessment Task 2 and collect feedback. It will be necessary for these attendees to take on the persona of a ‘Delhi education representative’ when completing the survey Analyses the feedback. Prepare a final report which covers all the relevant and essential points covered in Tasks 1, 2, and 3. Copy of the survey instrument a final report A clear, concise survey that: provided for quantifiable and qualitative feedback A final report structured in the following manner: Part One -?? Executive Summary Part Two – Analysis cost analysis and timeliness review undertaken overseas. Part Three – Conclusion recommendations and proposals for improvements to future activities. A final report: Case study You will be given a promotion case study to read and will be asked to describe owe you would undertake certain activities associated with the overseas elements of the promotion.

Read Appendix 2 of this document – ‘Promotion Case Study’. Produce a written report as described at the end of Appendix 2. A written report that explains how you would undertake the four tasks described at the end of Appendix 2: Recruit and prepare a Japanese national to be the Promotions Assistant in the Tokyo office.

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