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According to the Amazing Destination’s scenario have found some of the issue that need to be address. 1 Company Background This company is a Travel Agency that focuses on adventure holidays. It has been operate for 12 years. Company arranges tours and holidays to destination such as Alaska, Borneo, Burma, Greenland and Iambi. The good point of Amazing Destination is at the end of the trip company get feedback from customers by giving feedback forms. This is the reason to company success. Agency has focus on luxury tour since the company run. But the numbers of booking are falling in recent.

As a result Amazing Destination needs to plan a new strategy to maintain their success. As a solution they want to change luxury tour into real adventure holidays. 1. 1 The issues that hold back (hindering) organization are – Bookings are falling : Clients are bored to such kind of luxury trip. They want new experience. Age group If system has change, it will need to concern about the age group of customers (current customers are mostly 40 to 60). The adventure holidays are more likely to young client. Size of market In previous Luxury tour system 40% Of the client has been at least 6 holidays tit Amazing Destination.

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It is not sure whether new system may achieve like previous one. Cost widely money : Adventure holidays are such a danger inherent type of trip. So the company need to set safety precautions, this will cost great deal of money. Lack of experience staff : If the new system run before the staff is ready, it will bring lots of trouble. Before the new system run it need to be train to operational staff. Outdated IT system As an old system is run in manually, the work force of IT staff are weak. And no new information technology has been developed. No experience & develop digital market

Currently the organization has no website and IT staffs are no experience on web & digital marketing. 1. 2 The things needs to be focus on are Living conditions of clients In new system the conditions are much difference with luxury holidays. According to adventure holiday, the basic living conditions may need to concern with clients. Budged for young clients . Young clients may need to adjust their university fees and holidays. New marketing strategy To achieve the familiarity of new adventure new marketing strategy is needed. Amazing Destination said that ‘the number of clients will need to bubble”.

This intends to lower vacation cost and give services to wider spectrum of people. Company choose effective advertising technique, it was digital marketing. This will lower course, but IT department is not able to complete fully. If needed the company need to outsource. Define adventure policy As it is new brand and new market, they need to reset the current vacation policies. They need to call specialist in certain fields need to define best practices. E. G. Under age 18 can’t go without escorted by adult. Traveling requirements, adventure activities, accommodation facilities and so on are added to define well.

Train and reinforce Staff Management need to support require staff such as local specialist, IT technicians etc. Some of the new tasks are unable to complete with existing staff. Staffs that interact with clients on the first line are customer service staff, so they need to be train by country specialist. By doing so the staffs can handle any kind of enquires. Capturing of government funds Cheap adventure holidays are best way of capturing government funds. Company directors want to capture the half of overall adventure market. If this idea success this bring much profit to company.

SWORD is the useful technique for analyze organization’s current position and future possibilities. Strength Weakness Independently run travel agency Has much experience (1 2 years) They have regarded as number one tourist company Has regular clients, 40% of clients has been at last 6 holidays. Get feedback from clients at the end of the trip When bookings are falling, the directors make change to keep success Have plan to make report by specialist Company already have experience country specialist Bookings are fallen Booking system are outdated (work via telephone)

Company doesn’t do digital advertising (don’t have website) Not enough IT staff and not skillful. Doesn’t make improvement for IT system (no new IT system have been for 8 years) Existing staff are not ready to change (or) new system. Staff need to train Current marketing strategy are poor Opportunities The reads If new type of holiday is cheap, Amazing Destination can capture government funds Can brings success by clients feedback and specialist reports Company already have regular clients, so it’s not too difficult on finding market When digital marketing is success company will get much clients

As a type of danger inherent holiday, it needs to be addressed clients safety New type of adventure has new type of challenging If marketing department doesn’t achieve well, can’t get double of clients, in consequence it is not possible to capture government’s funds If not update IT system, the process will be delay f specialist doesn’t care customer’s opinions, it will lead to loss of clients A. Two New Major System In order to success the brand in new market sector. Amazing Destination needs to develop new systems. Eave seen that Amazing Destination weak in Information Technology, it has now been develop for past 8 years. And to success in new market the Company needs new marketing strategy. Thus why want to develop two major systems, these are – 1. Online Transition Processing System (ALTO) for long term use 2. Creative Marketing System (SMS) for increase clients 1 . Online Transition Processing System (ALTO) Online Transition Processing System that is develops for improvement of IT systems in company.

In current most of the office transitions are done by manually. According to the strategy of new marketing, the company must use one central saving system that run online. Without it the company can’t Andre the workload and it may lead to loss of customer satisfaction. ALTO will make use of hardware, software and networks to enhance workflow and facilitate communication of clients and employees. Which means employees uses electronic device (such as computers and other peripherals) instead of doing manually.

Making use of technologies allows faster processing, reduce clerical costs, and improve customer service. Those enrich the current working processes, profit, customer satisfaction, reputation etc. The system can accept any type of data and it can transform into information. E. G. Cooking are comes from different ways telephone or fax, but it can be easily know how many clients are booked for what destination.

The system can reduce men effort and improve productivity – Office day to day process were being automate (recording bookings, staffs tidemark) All the process that interact with customer such as payment, reservation will go online (sending invoice, sending thanks letter) Data maintaining is easy as it’s use central server system (CRIED will be more easy and convenient) Can avoid data redundancy, there is no effort that is doing same thing All the information added will show on web that includes traveler’s requirements, exploration of destination, adventure activities All the summery income, expense, reports, business information can view on website As it is adventure tour it may be damage equipment or devices.

This can be record in details and can easily be handle such situation. So the activity can run without delay System will produce varieties of report for responsible persons – All the enquires, comments, suggestions that comes from will goes to Customer Service Team Any payment record that do with customer or staffs will goes to account apartment Monthly clearance or any accounting files will goes to Auditor and that will keep in database, it will report to executive later. The list of the device or equipment that damage will show to Purchasing department and they can easy replace needed location. In manual system it is difficult to know what things needs and what to replace.

Traveler requirements (such as age limits), adventure activities, vacation list will show to clients Total record (not too details) such daily, monthly, yearly summaries will display to directors or managements. Reference: Discovering Computers 2000 – Concepts for a Connected World by Shells, Cushman and Overeat; Course Technology 1999 [Online] “http:// bosom. UNC. Du/courses/infinite/Topics/stripes_fifes/filets. XML” 2. Creative Marketing System or Strategy (SMS) As it is client base business, marketing involve in crucial way. Another again the Amazing Destination wants to make change, to success this aim and to success its new brand the marketing strategy must be clever. Clever means advertising without using lots of money but do effectively. Fortunately nowadays there are lots of online users and social Medias are being popular.

Therefore we need to take advantage on this. Digital advertising are lower costs than paper printing, magazine and newspaper. The company also has this idea. The things we need to do are Make a good look company website. The most successful online brand uses simple design. It needs to think about mobile user, a website should adapt to device that being view on. Rich media integration which makes beautiful and attractive. And also social media integration that makes your web easily shareable and have opportunities to showcase company’s positive travel experience. Examining that’s allows clients to visualize every part of their rip and they will see how to get there.

Social media marketing, Amazing Destination should focus on strategic social media Champaign that focus on theses and linkage between other social media. Media & Public Relations, brand and public image is most important for Travel Agency. Maintaining relationship with traveler and media (editor, flogger, and reporter) are also important. Creative Champaign, by understanding who is target and how to target them is crucial to success. Varies from ordinary form of marketing. Such as arranging press release on the ship instead of doing in hotel. Branding is the first impression for business. That speaks potential clients which is the place that meets dreams to traveler.

The responsible persons need to cooperate in order to achieve goals – Firstly the management team has to make decisions to design a good look website. With the discussion of marketing and customer service staff they need to decide what should be put in website. “Little effort will go long away” website should update regularly. Customer service staff or marketing staff should assign for it. All the information that upload or share will need to recheck. It is good if do senior Taft who are proficient in area. Customer service team need to response customer’s action. Can’t delay to customer with any reasons. Middle managements also take into account customer’s suggestion. It will helpful to business improvement in some way.

Reference: 1996 – 2014 Palo Alto software. All Rights Reserved cocaine] “http;w www. Plans. Com/travel_tour_agency_business_plan/” 2014 Solaria International [Online] “http://www. Collaborationist. Com/” B. Organizational changes Organizational changes may happen on many reasons. Such as financial concern, merger, market expending, accommodation growth. Whatever change its almost always difficult for employees. If make change in any organization there are impacts on business, only difference is big or small impact. If change made individuals feels unfamiliar or uncomfortable about new roles. We need to address that impact not to effect on organizational goals.

If the staffs are concern about change, directors need to concentrate staff engagement. The biggest change fell upon marketing department and IT department and others were effect less. But need to concentrate much upon emotional impact of IT staff. The biggest changes that will face are – Mission & Goals Organization Structure Organization Culture Employee swapping Legal Ethical Issue Technical Marketing & Customer Relations The suggestions that should address and make are – Mental Stress Staff engagement is very important in gap situation. Let employee know how the new system is benefit on them and it is not to concern. This may lead to lack of interest on work. Loss of loyalty Organization can’t run without loyalty employee.

Some of the employee thinks their salary will deduce in cause of change. So the directors or manage need to explain clearly about their directions or goals. Loss of confident Some staff may lose their confident with its new duties. The routine tasks are suddenly change or may be difficult of using new technologies. Life change Some organization change needs major restructuring, result in swapping in a number of employees. Some of the employees don’t want to change their working conditions in any reasons. E. G. (relocation to other place, employees who are supporting family, employees that have relation in office). Some staff may concern about technologies that replace by their place.

Have a good Change Management Change management should maximize success and minimize the impact. All the (key) stakeholders involve need to engage. Have undeniable reason for changing. Make analysis of impact Changed user’s operational procedures were need to train and support by user manuals. Technical change need to re -installing, testing and changeover were needed. Impact of delivery date will need to record in affected areas. We need to reduce the Impact that make by change – That will be biggest problem of change. Employees are work with a set of rules, roles and responsibilities, aims for a long time. But it is change suddenly they takes time to fit with new operation.

Staffs will take times for earning ; new responsibilities, process, technologies, culture, legal & ethical issues, resource and time management and so on. Employees swapping Almost always staff change is difficult and significant for changing. Before revealing the change to employees, put yourself in their shoes to help you to get sympathize so that you can soften risks to company and unnecessary stress on them. Sometimes negotiation and rewards can overcome the challenge of change. Technical Technology change often introduces new issues and problems. To be a successful change new technology should in assist into compass overall yester. And also need a support from management team.

Marketing & Customer Relations With the change of new strategy Amazing Destination fined a market with new brand. Unlike the old one, “adventure holidays” are unfamiliar from existing customer. Thus the marketing team needs to do to understand what the company means. And need to attract existing and new customers. As much as they get customer, they can reduce vacation costs and has chance to capture government funds. By Hannah Wickerwork, Demand Media 2014 Hearst Newspapers, LLC [Online] “http://smelliness’s. Chronic. Com/negative-impact-organizational-change- employees-25171 . HTML” Wellington, Patricia M. “Making Change. ” CO. 1 April 2000. cocaine] “http:// www. Inc. Mom/encyclopedia/managing-organizational-change. HTML” Outsourcing Outsourcing it is an “obtaining service from external source”. Finding a good Outsource company is much easier than finding new employee. “They do better jobs because that is their core business”. Instead of handling the guiding and paying of an employee (including sick leave, vacation) an external company need a sample contract. Agreements are continuing and no down time. Specialize companies are always uses expert staff with deeper experience, so you don’t need to doubt it. They work on variety of tasks and have wider knowledge about subject. In general outsourced IT supports are more cost effective than in house.

If you outsource your IT department the company that will hire will offer staffs that are experience and qualify in certain fields. If you make monthly payment with IT Support Company, your company’s will go on their job without any concern about it. No need to concern about equipment and invest for equipment and staff for it. Len- housing Developing in-house it’s also has its benefits. The employee will have better ay-in to your business. Has familiar with organization’s culture and simply onsite. Can be helpful when need in quickly and trustworthy with it. Also prevent from double making, because understanding of business process. With right background and have trained, your staff can handle it. However it costs for supporting training as technologies are ever changing.

You also have to pay steady salary for it and for experience IT manager salary will expect much. When problem occurs your in-house staff can handle quicker and available much faster. If hire else one you need to concern about control of IS, security of data and employee morale. In the case of highly confidential or trade secrets only in-house can trust as they goes overtime. It is hard to determine which is right for business and both options have their advantage and disadvantage. Amazing Destination does not need much IT staffs, because there is no new IT system have made in past 8 years. This means IT staffs doesn’t do more than watching device. According to new market Amazing Destination needs a website.

Internal IT staff can’t provide this request, because they have no experience on it. And also internal IT staffs are to trained for long time and have no experience with new technologies. If the directors replace office equipment with new technologies and device, it is not sure existing staff can handle it.

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