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Marketing Assignment Words: 550

In the word it’s also known as the resellers. For the hysterical distribution firms it will help the company to stock and move goods from their points of origin to their destinations. Marketing services agencies are the marketing research firms, advertising agencies, media firm and marketing consultant firm. Financial intermediaries in-clued banks, credit company, Insurance company and other business that help finance transactions or insure against the risks associated with buying and selling of goods. Example is Ministry of Education.

They will give the guideline to the University for Selection of the student also in the financial. Customer The company needs to study five types of customer markets closely. Five types of market that may purchase a company good and services are consumer, business, reseller, government, and also the international. Each market types have special characteristics that call for careful study by the seller. Example in the university is a student. ; Competitors The marketing concepts states that to be successful, a company must provide greater customer value and satisfaction than its competitors do.

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Those who serve a target market with product and services that are views by nonusers are being reasonable substitute to firm and marketing. For example is other government or private university. ; Publics Any group that has actual or potential interest in or impact on an organizational ability to achieve its objective. There are seven types in the public which is the financial public, media public, government publics, citizen- action publics, local publics, general public, and internal public. Financial publics influence the company ability to obtain funds.

Example of it is banks and investment. Media publics carry news, features, and editorial opinion. They include news paper, magazines, radio and television station. Government publics is the management must taken government developments into account. For the citizen-action publics a company marketing decision may be questioned by consumer organization. Local publics include neighborhood resident and community organization. General publics are a company needs to be concerned about the general publics attitude towards its product and activity. Internal public include worker, manager, and volunteer.

In the university situation it ill see that the example of publics is potential individual. [pick] Figure show actor in the Micromanagement Hence, the company would need to design an offer to this public that is attractive enough to produce the desired response. By see all the example we can see how much each of it important to marketing and marketer. 2. What is demography and why are marketers interested in it? List some of the demographic trends of interest to marketers. (CABS: Communication) Demography means the study of human populations in term of size, density, location, age, gender, race, occupation, and other statistics.

Why the marketers interested in it? It is because the demographic environment is of major interest marketers because it involves people, and people make up market. The demography trend of the interest to marketers is: l. Changing age structure of the population. ; Contain three largest group which is the baby boomer- the people that born during the baby boom following World War 2 and lasting until 1964. ; Generation X – people born between 1 965 until 1976. They are more care about the environment, family come first and career will be second.

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