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Nova Health System is Virginians leading healthcare provider, with 10,000 employees consist of services for three hospitals, seven outpatient centers, and long -term -care facilities and also with home nursing . First of all I want to start the investigate with recruitment . According to Byers and rue recruitment Is the process of seeking and attracting a pool of people from which qualified candidates for job vacancies can be chosen.

Recruitment is one of the critical and important outcomes of HRS planning. In nova health system there are familiar with centralized and decentralized recruitment forms. In centralized recruitment all the decisions are taken by the head office for the recruitment and man power planning of whole company. The authorities to take decisions based on recruitment remain at the top management of the company.

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According to Nell and Bins, Geography 88 Decentralized recruitment means the devolution of ‘decision-making powers to the lowest levels of government authority to promote democracy and participation, such that local people are directly involved in decisions and developments which affect them personally’ There is some problems occurred in decentralized recruitment are listed below- High cost??let Is costly because It has been under gone In duplication of functions In past year such as advertising expenses of $500,000.

Competition among branches for selecting best fit to the for same position in same labor market is Just wastage of time such as units competing with one another to recruit from the same labor market. Candidates Interested In jobs common to several facilities needing to apply parallel at each faculty In this case both has to make same kind of documents for jobs like nursing ,so these are the unnecessary costs needs to be cut down in order to have more profit in the organization.

Also there is absence of internal mobility for current workers across units due to less awareness of vacancies ,because of this there can be a miss out of internal transfers or promotions. Company also misses out the chance of boost the morale of work force. Company should have proper method of recruitment in order to get rid of some of the problems encountered . 2) Do you think you would choose to centralize the recruitment function? Why or why not? I would Like to choose centralize recruitment function by looking at below points.

Centralized recruitment procedure can be more cost effective than a decentralized system. This is because a centralized method requires a committed HRS staff that works entirely for recruit employees for all the branches. And also this can cut down duplication of advertising expenses as well. Where only the head office advertise the advertisements. If they advertise repeatedly for the same Job criteria wrought newspapers, internet, magazines, radio & TV etc, candidate have a doubt 1 OFF only the head office do the advertise part ,they could not on require Job vacancies and put them straight away.

Centralized recruitment finds it easy to find a good employee for each and every position because they have good relationship among department and branches. They maintain better communication & less conflicts with subordinates so the HRS staff knows about the required candidate very well (they get the Job order clearly).. Mainly this centralizes recruitment boosts and allows personal dervish inside the organization. Normally it enhance quick action, achievement of organization goals and objectives and also active marketing techniques example such as twenty-four-hour Jobs hotlist .

Centralized recruitment also allows flexibility and adaptability of the company to the improved environments. Additional work is controlled with the staff at head office. Example such as Working better with computerized resume-scanning and tracking system. Improved quality of work is there because head office thorough with organizational policies, good supervision and use new equipments. Centralize recruitment gives better coordination among several activities. Direct control and supervision are gives better outputs in low probability of problems of duplication of work and authority . Example such as improve the ability to measure recruiting effectiveness or keep accurate Equal Employment Opportunity / affirmative action statistics because of varying record- keeping systems across units and reduce duplication of advertising expenses. 04) If you centralize recruiting, what benefits would you anticipate for (a)the company and (b) the applicants Reduces costs- In centralize recruiting company having benefit of reducing cost & wastage of time is less.

Expenses occurring for recruiting can be minimize when only the head office doing it. Every branches can ask head office do the candidates work over there without having redundancy of data (like having same C.V. every branch can be minimize) Better utilization of specialists Expertise people of Head office HRS staff will short list best fit to the required position of inconvenience they are facing for. Uniformity in recruitment Uniformity in action is proven entire company because of central administrative intro.

The same supervisors & their work and also they use same kind of office tools are used which confirm steady performance of activities Interchangeability of staff Staff is getting opportunities to work in different environments when they do internal mobility across branches and also they can have promotions by this companies getting benefit like less turn-over and absenteeism in order to achieve promotions. Reduces favoritism Promotions and transfers are not done in personnel so each and every employee get chance of having better career development. So they like to perform well to the company.

Transparency Applicants having benefit of them to have clear path of applying for Jobs. When every branch started to do the advertising for same position, candidates get confused and they are having doubts why they are advertising for same position of same company. Better career path Employees have internal source of recruitment method when there is an opening , so they have chance of getting promotions as well as they are getting train them to go for promotions. Also when there is an opening in outstation branches employees get n exposure of different cultures as well. So employees like to work for the company.

Job security When company has a good name applicants automatically get the guarantee about the Job. 5) What barriers might you encounter in implementing a centralized systems? We have founds all the benefits of centralization, but it is also important to be aware with the problems before putting the idea into outcome. A centralized administrative system gives way to inequality via the initiation of undue rules or firm approval to official norms/beliefs which is redundant or bureaucratic ND that delays decision-making and also activities to be done. Employee is always expected to work according to what manager says.

No worker at the middle level is getting the power to take a decision on a specific problem, in the absenteeism of the lead. This causes psychological hesitancy and the workers see no development or motivation inside the company and then results loss of the Company. Delay in work because they got lot work to do so they get lots of staffs time for recruiting for single position in each branch, when they get hurry to do recruitment hey get problem of quality(whether it is up to standard) Managers can’t supervise easily because they have more work to do with in a time line, so the activities are done under less supervision. It’s hard to recruit externally cause information flow easily ,every branch is aware about the opening so company having disadvantage of less chance to outsiders. They have less probability of recruiting innovative employees externally. In centralization they are not thorough with the important work they has to do as in all the recruitment are at head office.

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