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Marketing At the beginning, their store was Just a cosmetics retailing counter of no more than mm. With the idea of more sales for less profit, they stocked cosmetics and skin-care products of different brands from agents and sold them at discount. At that time, the cosmetics market In Hong Kong was much Like the one In mainland today, ordinary cosmetics went at high price for high profit. Cosmetics could only be found at counters In department stores which charged admittance fare and commission from the sale.

To save expenses, most of Sass’s counters were located in the stores on the tests with many people, and in this way, SASS spared the admittance fare and commission deducted by department stores, with a lot of customers patronizing. Left sold all articles of deferent brands at the same counter, SASS would save a considerable sum of decoration cost by using their unified counter image. Trained strictly, shop assistants mastered enough knowledge of beauty culture to deal with goods of many brands so that labor cost saved greatly. Giving up the farthest benefits to customers”, Sass’s marketing strategy, is helpful of forming its stable consumer group. With Its expansion, SASS began to stock directly from manufacturers all over the world and has become the exclusive agent of many brands. Presently, SASS owns 7 mall markets In Asia, Including Hong Kong, China Mainland, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Tolland and Macro, having about 2,600 employees. It is established by Simons and Eleanor Kilt is to be provided with leader position’s toiletry retail sale bloc in Asia.

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Sass Company has about 240 of retail sale shops and counters in Asia area. Otherwise, in Asia, there have six main markets in Hong Kong, Mainland, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan and Macaw. Also Sass Company hired around 4000 employees. It sells more about 600 brands products, include skin-care product, perfume, toiletry, horologist, body-care product and beauty nutrition product. It is very popular in Asia because in Sass there have more choice to give customer to buy, sometimes Sass also will agent some of the brand for only their company to sell out to attract more customers to buy their products.

Sass’s target customers Include young female, lady and family(dally product),man, actually Sass’s products are suitable for great majority people to use, most of the type for their product is skin-care product, it is useful for children, female and man so Sass have a rage target customers to make this company be more popular in these years. That started from the small retail cosmetics shop until nowadays, it turned to be the leader of the cosmetics retailing group in Asia.

It becomes the listed company in Hong Kong in 1997. From the past until now, it already owned over 160 retail stores and counters in Asia that was sell more than 400 brands of skincare, fragrance, make up and hair care products, that including their own brands products. Besides, as SASS is belongs to one of the largest sole agents in cosmetics in Hong Kong, its presents over 100 International beauty brands in Asia such as SKI’, Amiability etc.

SASS always provides the “one stop cosmetics specialty store” In order to satisfy the consumers needs and wants. However, the demand of the customers continuous to Increase when they want to find out the most efficiency way to purchase the most suitable products for themselves, therefore, SASS has provide the internet services different brands will also post on the web sites for the customers to read in order to ensure all consumers can have the clear understanding on the products which they purchased.

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