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A company that sets Its goals and strategies based on what Its current equipment an produce, what products engineering can design, and what the company itself can do best, has a(n) orientation. Marketplace sales market exchange production 3. The marketing concept includes a goal orientation to remind managers that: achieving long-term organizational goals is as important as satisfying customers customers must be satisfied no matter what the long-term effect on the firm the only market that differs from that of the competition functional integration of all departments is useful but not essential 4.

The marketing concept stresses that the social and economic Justification for an organization’s existence is the satisfaction of customer needs and wants while: a. Producing a good or service at the lowest possible cost improving the general standard of living constantly increasing sales volumes applying scientific management techniques to improve efficiency e. Simultaneously meeting organization objectives 5. For many years, Procter & Gamble (P) viewed its Ivory soap as Just plain old soap- and not as a cleansing product that could provide other benefits as well.

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When it came to Ivory soap, P focused on how well it made the soap and not on what customers wanted from a bar of soap. It had a product customer 6. There is a quandary facing the timber industry. There is no effective way to prove the legality of wood from places like Indonesia, where as much as 80 percent is cut illegally. Retailers like The Home Depot do not want to sell timber from illegally logged forests even though the demand is great for timber from rain forests.

To prove an interest in preserving rain forests, two Indonesian logging companies have developed a bar coding system, which proves the timber was legally acquired. This focus on customers’ needs indicates a supplier philanthropic 7. Which of the following statements about a typical sales-oriented business is true? The company develops its products to meet the needs of specific groups of people. The primary goal of the company is profit through customer satisfaction. The company invests the majority of its resources in promoting its products and services.

The company is in business to satisfy customers’ wants and needs and deliver superior value. All of these statements about a typical sales-oriented business are true. 8. When customer expectations regarding product quality, service quality, and value- based price are met or exceeded, s created. A value line a quality rift planning excellence customer satisfaction expectation satisfaction 9. Greenberg Smoked Turkey, Inc. , is a nationwide mail-order business that operates without any advertising. It does not accept credit cards and has no toll-free number for customers to call.

The company that is hopelessly old-fashioned is also a very profitably company with thousands of devoutly loyal customers–some of whom have ordered Greenberg smoked turkeys every year for the last fifty years. Greenberg more than likely uses to maintain these long-term ties to its customers. A. Reactive marketing youngsters management relationship marketing a sales orientation management empowerment 10. Many companies are Jazzing up plant tours and making store visits more exciting to increase customer loyalty.

For example, at the Crayon Factory, kids watch how crayons are made and then play with their favorite colors in a 20,000 square-foot discovery center. Employees circulate to ensure visitors have a wonderful time. Plays a key roll in Crayon’s implementation of the marketing concept. Customer-oriented personnel A sales orientation A societal marketing orientation Reciprocal exchange Customer outreach 11. Redefining the business mission of a mattress manufacturer as “a good night’s sleep,” rather than stating the mission as “the manufacture of high-quality mattresses,” will: a. To stimulate an awareness of changes in consumer desires be too broad a statement to be of any real use in serving customers c. Stifle creativity in discovering opportunities to serve customers help ensure the firm retains its focus on consumers and does not become preoccupied with its products and internal needs ensure the core products will be retained 12. Fussily Computer Products has improved the efficiency and productivity of its plant, which manufactures printing technology.

For the new fiscal year, the company projects a production increase of 25 percent, and has instructed its sales force to aggressively distribute and promote the product. The CEO is sure the market will absorb more product if the sales force is determined and assertive. Apparently Fussily: has an outward organizational focus on its customers wants and preferences b. Directs its products to specific groups of people is in the business of satisfying customers profits through customer satisfaction 13. Xerox emphasizes by replacing at its own expense any dissatisfied customer’s equipment within a period of three years after purchase. Management-customer synergy transactional marketing direct selling 14. Which of the following is one of the elements of the marketing plan? A business mission statement a situation analysis a target market strategy the marketing mix all of the choices 15. In 2004, Giorgio Airman, the Italian fashion group, announced plans to launch a $1 billion international luxury hotel chain containing ten hotels and four resorts before the end of 2015. One of the major reasons for opening a hotel chain was an international trend toward luxury lifestyle consumerism.

In terms of Armin’s tuition analysis, the trend toward luxury lifestyle consumerism would be an example of a(n): opportunity because it is part of Armin’s external environment b. Strength because it is part of Armin’s external environment c. Weakness because Airman cannot control the growth of the trend d. Benefit because Armin’s internal resources can be designed to make its external environment 16. To market its ice cream to Chinese consumers, Milliner entered into a Joint venture with Sumatra, a state-owned Chinese investment company.

Milliner provided the product know-how, and Sumatra helped Milliner gain all the approvals needed from complex Chinese bureaucracy. Milliner used a strategy to reach the Chinese market. Market development market penetration product penetration product development diversification 17. Market penetration occurs when: a supermarket chains adds another brand of ice cream to its inventory a U. S. -based company begins to sell its products in South America a French company develops a new cement for orthopedic surgery a Mexican distillery offers rebates to its current customers a hosiery manufacturer begins manufacturing wigs 18.

Flatcar is a car rental agency that is geared for people who take mass transit or raptor to work but occasionally need to run errands, visit the doctor, or check on a sick child during the work day. The preceding statement describes the Flatcar. A. Exchange mixers target market diversified market traditionalists sustainable market 19. Canadian discount retail giant Sellers hopes to strengthen its position as one of the country’s leading sellers of infant products with a sixty-page catalog that offers buyers the ability to purchase products via the phone or Internet.

This new strategy reflects a change in the element of its marketing mix. Price distribution 20. Golden Valley Microwave Foods, Inc. S the manufacturer of ACT II popcorn. In its early years, the company had trouble financing the development and marketing of products for the microwave, so it chose to participate in a financial arrangement in which it agreed that it would not sell ACT II popcorn in supermarkets or grocery stores. Which element of the marketing mix was most influenced by this arrangement? Place public relations promotion 21.

Sobs nutritional beverages uses twin lizards on every bottle of its products and in all of its promotion efforts. It even has its own Team Lizard made up of skateboarders, mountain bike riders, and inline skaters that it sponsors. The lizard is used to remind consumers of the product and its benefits. To which of the four As does this strategy relate? Publicity CFML Corporation of Canada learned that many of its Sequoia brand wood burning stoves had insufficient insulation and posed fire threats. Which one of the marketing mix strategies should the stove manufacturer use to alert buyers to this problem? Racing After an organization implements its strategic plan, management: must track results, monitor the external environment, and adjust the plan as necessary should then concentrate on developing internal information systems can be assured the plan will org for the time frame specified must make sure no part of the plan is changed, lest the plan fail can stop work on this strategic plan, take a rest, and begin work on the next one 24. Compass is the name of a United Kingdom-based catering company that has developed a marketing plan designed to make it the largest caterer in China within the next two decades.

As part of its marketing it has already begun serving meals on trains that run between Shanghai and Beijing. A. Policy implementation evaluation control strategy 25. Is the process of gauging the extent to which marketing objectives have been achieved during a specified time period. Implementation Control Heuristic measurement Evaluation Mechanistic compliance 26. An international company that needs to develop a way to compare its actual marketing results with planned results would need to engage in: external market research comparative analyses planning 27.

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